2 REL T-5 subwoofers vs. one Rythmik 12

In a relatively small room 12'x11'x9'ceil. I really believe in the advantages of stereo subwoofers, which with the REL's it would be an easy fit. However the Rythmik would go lower. I am familiar with the REL subs, and these are no slouchs. I have never heard a Rythmik in other hand. Two 8" diameter drivers would be equivalent to 90% of one 12"diameter woofer so the amount of air movement capacity is comparable.
Any comments would be welcome. Thanks.
I think, that two subs are inherently better, than a single one, for many reasons:
Bass is directional, despite a popular opinion, than it isn't
Two subs will give you smoother in-room frequency response
Two are easier to position, to alleviate room- related modal issues.
When I was about to add subs to my own system, I have done some research and spoke with quite a few experts, and that's what everyone of them said.
Low bass isn't so directional given some distance from the sub, and it all entirely depends on specific room acoustics...my expert opinion.
Hello Manolo - the Rel is a very good sub and if you intend to connect the pair via high level ( speaker) interface, I would choose these over the Rythmic. If, however, you intend to use the low level interface ( RCA) to the sub, the Rythmic is the better performer and you will be more than pleased. I have the F15 in my music only system and got an F12 for the home theater system afterwards, so you can likely tell, I have been very impressed with their performance. Enjoy!
Hi Jwpstayman:

Thanks for your response. Do you have any of these subwoofers implemented using the avr 12db low pass filter with a high pass filter for the main speakers.

I am considering a 80 hz high pass filter for my MM de Capo's and the avr 12db low pass filter for the f12 set at around 80 hz.
I have 2 Rel T2s that I will be posting soon, one in black, 3 months old. One in cherry, 15 months old. Sweet little subs, let me know if you have interest...