2 sub hook up

I just want to confirm something about adding another sub to my system. Currently running a single SVS  SB 4000 sub in my 2 channel system, using its Balanced port. The sub offers Both Balanced inputs and outputs. In hooking up another SB 4000,  Current hook up, Benchmark LA-4 mono output (balanced) to subs Balanced right side input. To hook up second sub, would I then use another balanced cable from Ist subs right side (output) to 2nd subs right side balanced input? Thanks , Robert     Tks to all as usual!!!


Yes, that will work, but I might suggest you consider a miniDSP to drive both independently.  The reason is that placing them separately may require different EQ curves. 

You can also use the RCA outs at the same time. Both balanced and RCA are always on. I ran my subs on my benchmark off the RCA and amp balanced, worked fine. 

If you daisy chain them together will you still be able to set the onboard equalizers separately from the app?Ask SVS or check their website for info.

Took some advice and called SVS this AM. Great customer service!!!!! always speak with a HUMAN, how nice. The young lady I spoke with agreed with all, daisy chain RCA or Balanced is just fine. She also suggested, as either or, a Balanced pig-tail coming  from the rear Benchmark LA-4 MONO  output. ( Thus splitting it at that point, which ever was easier and the shorter run.

     Just wondering what you folks thought of the pig tail vs the daisy chain. I had to look up the Mini DSP, as I'm not familiar with it. After looking at it and reading a little, didn't really understand how to hook it up, or make adjustments. Just older now and like things easy. Thanks