20 Amp IEC Where to Buy????

I received my Krell FPB300 on Friday hurried home removed my KSA 100 went to hook up the new krell and the power cord was a no go the FPB used a 20 amp iec. The lugs are different and will not work with a regular iec. I have tried some of the electronic supply houses such as parts unlimited with no luck. Hubble makes a H320C that appears as though it will work. Has anybody been in a similar situation Anybody know where to get the hubble of something better. Thanks in advance.
You might check with Wayne at boldercables.com. He just got some 20 amp IEC's to terminate one of his power cords for me so I can use it with my Audioprism power conditioner. He might be willing to sell you one, or tell you where you can buy them.
Ken; I have a Syn Res Master Coupler for sale with 20 amp IEC, 5 ft. Do a search under Synergistic Reasearch for my ad-- I'll make you a "deal". I sent you an email. Thanks. Craig
You will usually find the IEC 20A at any electrical supplies (commercial or industrial) store. Maybe if you email Hubble Electric they can tell you the nearest dealer.

Good Luck