$2000 budget -- what to buy?

A friend is about to buy his first non-mini audio system and has a budget of $2000, which he is willing to spend on new or used equipment. Any suggestions as to what kinds of components he might consider would be much-appreciated. I was thinking of recommending a used Linn Classik and a pair of Katan or Tukan speakers to keep things simple, or alternatively, a used Rega Planet, a used Creek integrated and Katan or Tukan speakers. What do you think?
If sound, best sound for the money is key, then this is the absolute best IMHO :-)

Used Cayin (TAD) TA 30 Int amp - $600
Used Ack dAck - $350
Toshiba 3960 player as a transport $45 new at best buy
Used or new Usher X719 speakers $500-$800


Used Green Mountain Audio Europa speakers - $650

I dont think one can get better sound for the money.

Cabling you should buy used except Usher makes a speaker cable called the Rapport that sells for $175 new and it rocks! Luminous Audio Rennaisance speaker cable is good and cheap. DH labs Air Matrix IC's used. Many other good cabling ideas here on Agon.
What he ends up with could depend very heavily on where you go looking and what's available. Where do you live?
I think Grannyring's suggestions are very good- can't go wrong with that rig in my opinion.
I tend to agree with Pabelson. You could get buy buying the electronics on line/used to maximize the dollar, but I think it would be best for him to pic his speakers. Living in NY you should have good access to used too.