25 foot bi-wire speaker cables that won't bust the bank?

I have finished upgrading my 2-channel music system. I have an ARCAM CD, Musical Fidelity A3cr pre and power amps connected to Magnepan 1.5/QRs. I use TMC interconnects.

I am still using a single run of original Monster cable (14awg I think) with bananas (speaker) and bare wire(amp). I would really like to upgrade to quality wire and believe bi-wiring makes a big difference with Maggies. My room config requires 25 foot cables.

Audio Advisor is selling off the old MIT Terminator 2 biwires for a good price, but I'm not sure how these are, the Black Box makes me nervous. Other solutions seem problematic (my budget is under $500). Should I use a single run of better cable or a biwire of less expensive ones. Are the MITs really my best bet. Any ideas appreciated (that don't include $1200 worth of cable).
If a 25-foot run of 8TC is too much money, then look at the 8VS. Same wire configuration as the 8TC, but not coated with teflon. A very good buy at $6.30 per foot.
There are several good cables out there that should be within your price range. We have compared many cables to the DH Labs Silver Sonic T-14 (www.silversonic.com), and found that the T-14 offered the best balance and overall performance of any similarly priced cable. For example, we directly compared the T-14 with the Kimber 8TC (in both bi-wire and single run configurations), and found a sweeter balance to the T-14 -the Kimber did well (easily outperforming the Monster OMC that we had previously compared to the 8TC), but was a little on the thin, dry side when compared with the T-14.

We have also found that bi-wiring does improve the sound quality significantly (i.e. bass extension and definition, soundstage depth, clarity of the vocals and in the highs, and especially in dynamics). If you want to read an online review of this cable, www.soundstage.com has one in their equipment review archives. A 25' bi-wire is within your budget and will definitely upgrade your sound quality.

Happy listening!
Did you look at the Audio Advisors sell of Audioquest cables. I just got a pair of
Audioquest Slate cables in 25' length for my home theater rear speakers (Thiel CS7.2s). They are on sell for 61% off and sound great for the money.
I have had very good results using the Terminator 2's in my system, linking first a McCormack .5 and then an Audio Research VT100 to my Martin-Logan SL3's. I have never tried Kimber 8TC's, so I can't say how well you would do with those. I have found the built-in biwire feature of the MIT's to be easy to set up and to maintain.
in my opinion look no further than dh-labs q-10(internally biwired)i bought i pair of 21 footer and they're excellent,impressive across the band for the money and more,give jeff dellman at value audio a call,he's great and most uf all very honest,he has adds in this forum,best of luck,AL
First, consider relocating your amp and investing in longer interconnects. You will likely find both an increased quality and decreased cost with this method.

I can also recommend the Kimber 8TC. I'm using 2 pair between my McCormack DNA 1/B and Martin-Logan SL3s.

I am presently running the Silver Sonic T-14 in a shotgun biwire configuration and found it to be a quantum leap from the Original Monster shotgun biwire it replaced. DH Labs also has another suppossedly similar cable (Q-10) that can be set up as internal biwire. The T-14 in a shotgun biwire should cost you about $400 new. It runs from DNA 0.5 dlx to Vandersteen 2ci.
Kimber 8TC. Do not go for the 8VS. If you wanna go cheaper, then go 4TC. Real good value for money. Honest sounding cable.
I have a 20 foot pair of MIT T2s BI-Wire from AudioAdvisor and they were a steal at 50% off list. They have some MH750 S2 BiWire at 50% off also, but probably not 25 feet.
I have been using MIT t2's Biwire for over a year while upgrading power cords and tweaking out my system. They have not let me down and am happy with them. Excellent cost performance ratio. Another option is that you might select the terminations you need if go with ICON (large or smaller )spades. In my case the Stratus Gold required the largest Icon spade to be used and standard size at amp end.
Good luck
Not promoting any company but currently there's a demo pair of 20 feet bi-wired 8TC terminated with spades all around on sale at AudioAdvisor. Perhaps you could try them and see if they sound ok. I know it's a bit shorter than your requirement, but if could get around it somehow, it would offer a great value for your buck. Also, you can send them back with 30 days if they don't work. Cheers.
I am against Kimber 8tc since they have a very high capacity that is not suitable for some amplifiers + it's an addition of extra capacity into the speaker circuit that will certainly change the freequency curve. I would suggest to go for monoblocks and invest money to the long interconnects such as Audioquest Torquoise or DH Labs...
For speaker cable runs that long, your best bet is a networked deisgn such as Transparent (high$) or MIT (T2 or T3 is pretty cheap). People like us who are stuck with having to use long speaker cable runs are better off with networked designs, because they're better compensated for flatter group delay performance which is especially good for long runs compared to a non-networked cable. Just to put things in perspective, my 25' biwires are the MIT MH750 Magnum, but those list for $3800/pr. so you might not want that. BTW they make even better than that if $ aren't an issue.
Rather than Kimber 8TC, I would recommend Kimber 4TC. I have had both, and found the Kimber 4TC to be much better balanced. Kimber 4TC has much too much bass in my system. These cables are an excellent budget buy and will not degrade even a very quality audiophile system such as yours.
Did anyone catch Schange above? The guy's using Thiel CS7.2s as his "home theater REAR speakers"!! Dude! Whattya got up front?!

By the way, I use 4TC double runs & it works well.
One of my good friends thinks pretty highly of the LAT speaker cables. Some inexpensive ones I have used and been impressed with are: Kimber (the older, thick brown/black interleaved one - don't know the model number), Analysis plus oval 9, and, for some applications, Sumiko OCOS. I had GREAT results with the kimber and my old mg 1.6's.
After looking around alot I think that I am going with Analysis Plus Biwires (oval 9 for bass and Oval 12 for treble) I found an amazing deal on a demo pair. And they seem like superb cables. I'll let you know after they arrive how they sound in my system. I really appreciate all the suggestions.