2k budget for Amp

With a budget of ~2k for a new or used amp to power Spendor S8e any suggestions of what I should be checking out?

Is it important to find a class A amp?
Used amps in your budget I would consider:
- Plinius SA-100
- Pass Labs X-150
- Older Jeff Rowland amps
- Audio Research 100.2

I'm still skeptical of the class D amps, but admittedly, I have no first hand experience with them.
I had a Bel Canto s300 with my Spendor 1/2e's and I really liked it. Just recently I bought a Jolida brc502. In terms or realism, in the room feeling, detail and sparkle, the Jolida is amazing, especially at the price I paid buying used. Being able to change 3 sets of tubes really allows you to fiddle and fine tune your sound, the Bel Canto does not allow for that. I will never own a solid state amp again, although I do have a solid state subwoofer in the mix.
Would you mind a powerful (+250wpc), great sounding, U.S.-built, well-built, trouble free amp from a well-established company which has terrific customer service, one whose owner often answers the phone, and runs Class A for the first 20 watts? If so, then you'll want to bump your budget by $399 for a new one or just wait and buy a used one: AVA Fet Valve Ultra 550. My guess is that most of the time, most of your music will be run within those first 20 Class A watts.