300B SET Tube Amp recommendations anyone??


I am in the market for a used 300B "push-pull" SET monoblock amps and my budget is around $3000. I have short speaker cables and would like to keep them so single chassis stereo amp recommendations are not needed.

My Coincidents are 92db efficiency and would like at least 15 watts for each amp. I've been out of the amp loop for a while and would like to hear you top picks. I'm not a huge detail kind of guy, however, I do thrive on solid, tight bass and smooth mids. My music preferences are vocals, instrumental and rock (all vinyl).

Thanks for your recommendations.
Lots of Chinese stuff out there. Consonance seems to be one of the better brands.

Ooops....my bad, 300B push pull monoblock amps is what I meant (thanks Jond), and thanks for the recommendations thus far.

Hi Sutts. We'll hookup soon and discuss.

Check out the Tri M300se. This is a monoblocks from triode Corporation of Japan. Beautiful looking and at 20 Watts per mono. Retail for $4000. Here is the link.

Twinaudiovideo, are these paralleled 300Bs? Do you know anything more about them. As you say, they look good and are cheap.