300B SET Tube Amp recommendations anyone??


I am in the market for a used 300B "push-pull" SET monoblock amps and my budget is around $3000. I have short speaker cables and would like to keep them so single chassis stereo amp recommendations are not needed.

My Coincidents are 92db efficiency and would like at least 15 watts for each amp. I've been out of the amp loop for a while and would like to hear you top picks. I'm not a huge detail kind of guy, however, I do thrive on solid, tight bass and smooth mids. My music preferences are vocals, instrumental and rock (all vinyl).

Thanks for your recommendations.
Harry- if you can stretch it to ~ $3,600-$3,700 USD, a used Art Audio Jota would be an excellent choice, although it is a stereo amp. A buddy of mine who is local to you and I (just outside of the GTA) has one he may be willing to part with as a possibility- there is also one on Audiogon right now used, but higher $$$. Alternatively, if you want IMO the best stereo SET amp at ~ 20 watts, my Wyetech Topaz is pretty damn good, but it's 572/211, not 300B. And my buddy and I also use Coincident speakers. Too bad they have to be monoblocks... Well, you could always take a look at Israel Blume's (President- Coincident) new 300B monoblocks that are coming out- the design is very good and he is using primo parts as well- not sure abotu pricing though...
Pushpull and SET are two different things. Which do you want? If you mean triode then yes there are pushpull triode amps, but SET is the opposite of pushpull.
check this out; http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampstube&1146539215
Lots of Chinese stuff out there. Consonance seems to be one of the better brands.

Ooops....my bad, 300B push pull monoblock amps is what I meant (thanks Jond), and thanks for the recommendations thus far.

Hi Sutts. We'll hookup soon and discuss.

Check out the Tri M300se. This is a monoblocks from triode Corporation of Japan. Beautiful looking and at 20 Watts per mono. Retail for $4000. Here is the link.

Twinaudiovideo, are these paralleled 300Bs? Do you know anything more about them. As you say, they look good and are cheap.
Tbg, yes it is paralleled 300B. It is beautiful piece and very excellent sounding amp. At last the wives... will like it.
Singled Ended 300B PowerAmp are common in many manufacturers with excellent performance. outputpower
12-15 watts usually.

Push-pull 300B's numerous Manufactgurers had failure
as theirs usually loose the vocal clarity and sweetness
as single end items ( more easily built, I supposed).

I had searched for years, whilst still using single-ended
until I met Canary Auidio, CA303 signature ed., (they have the new CA330 now,) if you upgrade the rectifier tubes, 6SN7's etc.
performance will be even further amazingly good.

Their Dual Mono Block Tube_PRE-amp's are very good too.
Mono-Block's plus separate L/R Power supplies in 4
chassis /set. place 1 x nice 12AX7 on each side instaed of
factory-supplied "sovltek". you will not be disappointed.
Dpang233 is mistaken.

Very few 300 SET output 12-15 WPC.

7 to 8 WPC is far more common.

I have the Triode M300Se monos and can attest to them being both beautiful sounding and looking. They are driving Micropure Kotaros (4 Ohms - 84 dB/1M in a small room) and have plenty of power and a wonderful balanced tone. There's never a shortage of "I never heard that before" moments with performers regularly stopping by only a few feet in front of me.

They'll be staying put for a long, long time - highly recommended.


They are driving Micropure Kotaros (4 Ohms - 84 dB/1M in a small room)

** Slight correction - the Kotaros mentioned above are 86 dB @ 1M.


Audiofeil is right. Common 300B SET output is 7-8 watts. I wouldn't advise driving 92dB full-range speakers with a 300B SET amp, because you're gonna' clip and destroy the drivers eventually.
I wouldn't advise driving 92dB full-range speakers with a 300B SET amp, because you're gonna' clip and destroy the drivers eventually.
Depends on the size of the room and what volume you listen at. I have Coincident Super Eclipse IIs with Welborne Labs Laurels, WE 300B valves. I live in an apartment so don't play my music particularly loud.

6 years and counting.

Curiosity is getting the better of me and no criticism is meant BUT why would a thread be responded to 2 1/2 years after it died? I could see it if the original poster was giving an update, but 2 1/2 years?!
Canary CA303 I am using, it is 26 Watts output., 2 x 300B
that confused met with 1 x 300B singled-end would be
approx 12-13 watts. But I looked up it should be 8 watts.

Thanks for correcting me.

Here's some good info on clipping:

I try to avoid clipping. The efficiency of my Tannoy DC's is above 100dB; and I drive them with four 300B SET amps, bi-amping through a Marchand external crossover.

The OPT's and compression horn tweeters are so expensive that I hope never to fry them.