4 speakers in a large room

Would appreciate some opinions about connecting four bookshelf speakers in a large room at home (the room is an open space where I have kitchen and dining/living room).

I have 4 bookshelf speakers (Dali Spektor 1) at the corners pointing towards the center. This is for ambient sound, easy listening while I’m cooking.

I don’t have them connected to an amplifier yet and my question is: should I hook them as two stereo pairs (A and B to an amplifier with two sets of outputs); Or should I search for an amplifier providing mono outputs, so all speakers play the same? Which option is the best for this kind of arrangement? I know in Pro Audio, the speakers at a venue work in mono. Should I do the same? Will two stereo pairs sound “strange”?


i have 4 bose 901 series 2 hanging in my little living room! i have a mcintosh mc602 powering them! i have the speakers connected in 'parellel' so it goe's down to 4 ohms! no problem with my mcintosh!!

The 70s called. They want their living room back. Please include the black lights and lava lamps.

@dekay, bose, maybe good back then but today?? 200 watts into 8 ohms, 400 watts into 4 ohms! a powerhouse back then!

@paradisecom , that’s a simple solution that might work in this particular space. I’ll try that arrangement.