5.1 Surround with powered speakers

My current speakers

x2 - Yamaha HS8

x2 - Yamaha HS5

x1 - Polk Audio Center Channel

x1 - Yamaha HS10W


I love these speakers. They are the best sounding speakers ive heard in a while and the work perfectly on my PC with its 5.1 Channel outputs. Ive been looking into moving them into the Living room and connecting them to the TV. This is where my problems arise. They are powered speakers. So I guess long story short here is my question.


Is there a quality surround sound DAC that keeps the channels separate from HDMI(eARC) to RCA 5.1 or TOSLINK to RCA 5.1?


I have seen products like the SCHITT Syn - but it only takes 2 channels as input and separates them after the fact. Not what I want.


Im looking for something exactly like the

Canton Preamplifier Smart Connect 5.1 Preamplifier

is there anything available though.

You’re better off posting this in the Home Theater discussion forum here. 

I'm not clear on how you want the channels separated?? You have HDMI as your input and you want 5.1 RCA outputs?

Is this not a home theater processor or receiver with analog outputs?