6922 Tubes for Raysonic CD128

I am looking for a replacement set of tubes for the new Raysonic CD128 CD player. They are of the 6922 variety and I am looking for something that is going to add killer dynamics and bass impact.

My favorite 6922 is the Amperex orange label from the 1970s. Pretty easy to find and doesn't cost a fortune. Some of the famous old 6922s are too soft for my taste.

You might want to try the Tung Sol label, they are killer for my Marsh p2000t preamp and gave me the killer dynamics and bass impact that you might be looking for.
both of the above suggestions will be a big improvement over the stock tubes, also consider siemens, mullards, and telefunken, we tube rolled a number or different pairs through a friends Canary cd player and he decieded on gold pins lorenz (sonic flavor close to that of telefunken ) I personaly liked the siemens
I liked Amperex Bugle Boys (made in Holland)in my 128. Warm natural bass with good extended highs. I've been intending to run some Seimans 7308's but I haven't yet. I would expect from this combo dynamics and bass with mid-range and high end clarity, but at the expense of some warmth. Just a WAG though!

However, I think your choice may be dictated by your associated components more than anything else. I'm using mine with Primaluna stuff and the 6922EH supplied by the manufacturer seem to fit better than the other tubes I've tried (EI's/Teslas NOS/JJ Teslas/6H23EB's/Sovteks and Amperex).
hi aball:

i will be reviewing a preamp that uses 6 volt tubes. what 6922 tubes did you find too soft ? i will try to buy them if they are not to expensive.
I second the comment about what your associated components are... I have settled on Siemens PCC88 at the moment but am trying Amperex Holland 6922 and NOS Tesla 6922 which both work well for me. I have a hybrid unico SE amp with great warmth and bass slam so the detailed siemens / telefunken german made tubes seems to work best to my ears :-)
Just wandering if all the Raysonic ship with the same stock tubes.

Mine was one of the first CD-128, spring 06 and came with Electro Harmonix 6922EH.
JAN Philips 6922. They have no audiophile cred at all, but after trying a bunch of others, I like these best. And they're CHEAP. On the other hand, I tried a quartet of them in my CJ Premier 17LS2 and they all went microphonic in a week.
Try some 6N23P SSW from Russia or Ukraine.  1975 Reflectors are the sweet spot.  Best bass I've every heard in a 6922 6DJ8 type tube and I've rolled many, many..
Best dynamics, Holland E88CC, bass Amperex USA 7308.
More linear having both and more than above qualities a 6n23p 1974-1979 period.

I prefer the Amperex.  My understanding is, and I very possibly have this reversed, the two inside tubes are for XLR outs and two outside for RCA outs.