7 months in and still loving these...

PMC IB2S speaker. Not saying it's the world greatest speaker (whatever that is) but it's a speaker I've found thoroughly satisfying. Superb clarity and detail with so little distortion that volume is only limited by your self restraint. Pretty much full range speakers. Have I heard speakers that have more wow factor or do one thing or another better? Yep. Have I had a speaker before that was harder to stop listening to? Nope. This one keeps me glued to my listening chair.

You can view my video of these if you like. Just search for jaxwired and PMC on YouTube.
Interesting. You have had a lot of speakers go through your system, do you this one is going to stay awhile? Did you have any special considerations with finding electronics that work well with them or did you just use what you already owned?
Indeed, fabulous speakers. I auditioned a pair of IB2i for hours on end, trying to figure a way to rationalize putting them in my (admittedly) simply too small and tightly configured listening space. I had to pass, as they just wouldn't fit. But someday in a different place, they are on the wish list. Enjoy.
About 3 years ago I owned a pair of PMC OB1i speakers and even though they were sold and I moved through other speakers, the PMCs remained a favorite and I regretted selling them. Since then the IB2 was at the top of my wish list but they were just too pricey. I was very fortunate to get this pair at a very fair price and a bit cheaper than the IB2i because this is the studio version called the IB2S and is missing the nice wood veneer of the IB2i home version of the speaker. They are a dream to listen to. Just plain riveting sound.

As far as electronics go, I knew I wanted big power and I knew I wanted electronics that had a very clean presentation with very clean tight bass. A more lush sounding amp like the superb NAD M2 I used to own would create too much bass bloat in my mid sized room. PMCs are often paired with Bryston and that is no doubt a fantastic match, but the wyred is equally clean and has ridiculous power. Plus, I love the tidy form factor of the wyred gear. And I was lucky enough to acquire a pre-release version of wyred's next gen MKii amplifier. The wyred gear is stunningly good with the PMCs. Bass is deep and powerful but shockingly clean and tight.

Regarding the dynaudio c1 speakers I owned, the comparison is difficult as they are such different speakers. The c1s are IMO world class monitors with bass that competes with many floorstanders and will shame some floorstanders. The c1s also look like a million bucks which is something I really appreciated. In a smaller room I'd definately pick the c1s over these big boys. Loved the c1s and I highly recommend them.