A competitor for the ProAc SC-1 Monitors

I have been pondering if there is a monitor out there that has similar drivers and sound as the ProAc SC-1, and at the same time are more affordable than these midget sized speakers that cost $2500...I have heard a little about some TAYLOR Acoustic model that had the same type of drivers, but the sound, is it comparable? PS: Ideal monitor knockoff would cost about $1000....any suggestions?
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I would suggest you to check into ACI Sapphire III. Go to www.audioreview.com, under "Sapphire"
Try to find a pair of used ProAc 1scs'. You should be able to pick up a pair slighty over your $1000 target price. The extra dollars will be worth it, plus most likely your resale will be higher. Good Luck
I have looked/listened to this genre of speaker for about a year and do love the Proac 1SC. If you want new you have to settle for less, for example, the JM Reynauds at about $800. I have listened to Reference 3As, B&W 805s, Aerial Acoustics 5s and a good many others. I recently purchased Ty Lashbrook's "Tyler Acoustics Reference Monitors" via this forum as demos; he also has minimonitors. The reference monitors are great and no complaints about the service: very personable. www.tyleracoustics.home.mindspring.com
Have you listened to Totem Ones? If your system is not on the bright side and your amp can deliver some current they can sound excellent. I have read they are more dynamic than the SC-1 but I cant say from experience. I have seen them for about $800 or so, Im not selling mine.
If you can find a used pair of ProAc Tablette Signature 50's I think you will be surprised how close they come to the 1SC's. Some prefer the Tab Sig 50 over the 1SC. The only problem is the signature version rarely come up for sale. They are between $900 and $1000 used. They retailed at $1700 new. Good luck...