A Dac about two thousand used


Please recommend a DAC ... looking for one around $2000 used. That's the maximun i will go.... pse share ... including brand and costing... thanks

Especially since you are running a digital only set-up, you might also want to think about the DSPeaker Dual Core 2.0.

It gives you a DAC and DSP features below 500Hz, as well as a number of other customization features. Got an award in Absoulte Sound and a good review in Stereophile. Very cool unit. Has toslink, USB and analog input capabilities.

And if you aren't a big fan of the internal DAC, the unit can also digitally apply the DSP and EQ and then output a digital signal to the DAC of your choice.
Check out the Hegel hd20. You can pick up a new one for 2000 and it sounds amazing.
Shigeki Yamamoto is both the owner and designer of these japanese audio components. He`s known primarily for his building a stellar line of SET amplifiers and custom analog parts etc.Company has been around about 18-20 years and better known in Japan compared to USA.