A Dac about two thousand used


Please recommend a DAC ... looking for one around $2000 used. That's the maximun i will go.... pse share ... including brand and costing... thanks
There is a Yamamoto YDA-01 available used here now. These rarely come up for sale, and are excellent. You can read the 6moons review for details. An incredible DAC. Beauty to look at too...
And as an addendum to my Yamamoto recommendation, I would also suggest that you don't get too caught up in just the DAC chip used in a DAC (though these are important and will affect the sound). Do not forget the importance of a great power supply and a great analog output stage.
Are there even any reviews of the new Oppo out there? Only been out a week. And judging by the improvements offered by ModWright, the power supply and analog output stages can be improved to a considerable degree.

Not that it doesn't look awesome. But if the OP is looking just for a DAC, then I'd go with a dedicated DAC where money isn't spent on headphone outputs, video circuitry and a transport mechanism.
It would be helpful to know what you currently have and what sound characteristics are important to you and/or you would like to improve. Otherwise this is just shooting in the dark.
Hi soix

I am using
Pass Labs X250.5
Quick silver Linestage (planning to change )
Theta pro DAC
Cec TL1 transport
Harbeth SHL 5

Check out the Hegel hd20. You can pick up a new one for 2000 and it sounds amazing.
Roscoeiii mentioned the Yamamoto YDA-1 DAC. This is a minimalist feature unit with only 1 rca input and output.It has an ultra simple discrete analog circuit(no OP-Amps) with few parts in the signal pathway. The power supply and transformer(150 va) are much over spec`d and premium quality.
In terms of sound,it is stunning with organic realism.
Very rare to find used.This is the epitome of a serious music lover`s component.It gets to the emotional core of music.Shigeki-Sans did an excellent job with this DAC.

Especially since you are running a digital only set-up, you might also want to think about the DSPeaker Dual Core 2.0.

It gives you a DAC and DSP features below 500Hz, as well as a number of other customization features. Got an award in Absoulte Sound and a good review in Stereophile. Very cool unit. Has toslink, USB and analog input capabilities.

And if you aren't a big fan of the internal DAC, the unit can also digitally apply the DSP and EQ and then output a digital signal to the DAC of your choice.
Shigeki Yamamoto is both the owner and designer of these japanese audio components. He`s known primarily for his building a stellar line of SET amplifiers and custom analog parts etc.Company has been around about 18-20 years and better known in Japan compared to USA.
I've personally tried a handful of DAC's in the $1k - $3k range, and by far, the best I've sampled is the North Star m192 mk2. I've sold all my other DAC's, this is the only one I own now. The soundstage is absolutely huge - real, 3D, holographic, whatever you want to call it, it feels like you're there. I love it.

FYI I'm using it with Decware Zen Torii mk3 and Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference speakers.
Burson Conductor (Sabre 32 Dac) is a solid recommendation below 2k. It acts as a preamp-headphone amp too.
NAD M51 is one of the best value DACs out there right now. Not $2000 used, but $2000 new.
Ayre C7, if you can find somebody that will part with there's. It surpasses it's equally priced competitors and gives the best out there a run for there money.
It's a no brainer.