A good idea when buying on line

A guy about 2.5 hours from me was selling Sonus Faber Concertos on Craigslist for $1000.00 including the stands, factory boxes and manual.  I considered driving to him and even taking a receiver to test the speakers. Then I had an  idea. I suggested he bring them to my house so I could listen to them on my system. If I wanted them I would give him $1200 ($200 more than he was asking).  If I didn't want them, I'd give him $200 for making the trip.  He agreed. They looked and sounded great and I bought them.  I thought the extra $200 was well worth the guarantee of eliminating any problems and not being disappointed.  Although, maybe I should have suggested $100!
I'd be tickled to death as a seller for speakers. It's worth the drive just not having to pack and ship
Personally I think you got a bargain. He traveled 5 hrs for $200‽ I would have pd a LOT more for that type of service. 
Interesting approach.  Looks like both you and the seller were interested in creating a "win-win" with this transaction.  Good for you!
But he also sold his speakers for cash on the spot and for $200 more than he was asking. I agree, I think I got a bargain but it was a win for the seller too. I avoided possible disappointment and he also avoided any issues as I was satisfied prior to buying. It was a win-win. 
200 was cheap, 100 probably wouldn't have gotten the speakers to you, personally I would be happy to pay 200 for door to door service on speakers like that