A most welcome article

According to Nielsen SoundScan for 2012:
193 million Cds were sold
4.6 million Lps were sold
118 million Digital album downloads were sold

Cd sales were down from 224 million in 2011
Lp sales were up from 3.9 million in 2011
Digital album downloads were up from 103 million sold in 2011


What is most welcome about the article Siddh?
It's the overall growth in music sales, Tomcy6. And being a strong supporter of vinyl, the larger number of vinyl sales suggests an increase in new and re-release titles on vinyl.
Not being set-up to handle digital downloads yet, I am indifferent to the increase in download sales. There's a bunch of threads out there that bespeak the virtues and tribulations of digital downloads. I have only one view --it is still unclear to me that the music industry has settled on a standard format or quality standard.

As an fyi, ARC just released a Ref DAC that purportedly can decode every known format known to man, including the Captain Crunch decoder ring format. If you think I'm gonna drop $16K on that toy -- you'll need to double your meds.

Until formats and audiophile grade standards are adopted, I respectfully decine to play. Thank goodness I can still buy CDs and vinyl (used or new). Sh*t, I'd be glad if there was an industry consensus on SACD that equals or exceeds vinyl. And even here, numerous Forum posts are "to'in" and "fro'in" about SACD, which has been around for a while.

So, until that time comes, I patiently wait and enjoy what I have. FWIW/IMHO.
Siddh, Yes that is good news.

I'm with Bifwynne, I wish they would get the high-res download situation straightened out. I also have plenty to listen to in the meantime.
Here, here Bifwynne.

Standardization is the key with Hi Rez downloads and it's still in it's infancy. Just when I reconsider going the PC route, something changes for the better and obsoletes a bunch of gear.

There are so many approaches that it makes navigating to the best like using an Escher designed map. As long as I can get my CDs, I'm content.

All the best,
Following continuous drops in record sales since 2000, growth is much welcome news. Since, ipod is my only digital source, from download coupons included with vinyl purchases, I particularly appreciate access to the abundance of new bands, often on wax.