A New Coltrane Recording!

I just saw this in the NY Times was unaware of it until now. Very excited to hear it!
Astonishing to think there is original music by Coltrane we haven't heard before!
That’s great news!  It is hard to believe there would be any Coltrane recordings still unreleased but labels did lots of strange things back then.
Just writing to thank you for this post!  I am also very excited to hear the "new" album although it looks like we may need to wait a bit until it comes out.  Hard to believe the tape has been under wraps for so long.  Great article as well.
Sweet! I just pre-ordered the Deluxe version on Amazon. Can't wait to get it!
Hi jond,
Hello my jazz loving brother😊, thanks for posting this. Love the pictures in that article. I feel very fortunate to have seen Elivin Jones live on two occasions (he had Ravi Coltrane in his band at that time). Arguably the pinnacle of modern jazz drummers. Jond the article mentions the Coltrane and Hartman album, I assume you have this undeniable classic.
Hey Charles my jazz loving brother you are very welcome! :-) As is everyone else I was so excited when I saw this I had to post it! And yes I have the Coltrane/Hartman album such a classic. And of course tons of Coltrane on Tidal but until now, or soon, nothing truly new! Thanks for the clip Frogman! Cheers all!
Yep, this information crossed my radar last week. I am looking forward to this release.Happy Listening!
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This is a fantastic album/cd that features JC classic quartet in full force.

For me, an instant purchase and highly recommended.

Happy Listening!