A perfect song? What are your choices?

Can there be such a thing as a perfect song? I have a suggestion, what are yours? Here is a thought...






who truly loved - reacts especially sharply to this film ... the clip is also excellent .


perhaps somewhere there is a dubbed English translation (subtitles here) ... Golden film.


Aren't we supposed to be talking about the perfect song? Now it's movies and soundtracks. What next, the perfect Martini?

Kb54's choices. Basically, yes to that. Could add 'Shape of a Heart', Jackson Browne. 'Visions of Johanna" Dylan.  for longform catagory

Father & Son - Cat Stevens on Tea For The Tillerman

Bloody Well Right - Supertramp on Crime of the Century

Lines on My Face - Frampton Comes Alive

Do You Feel Like We Do - Frampton Comes Alive

In The Mood - Glen Miller

In My Room - Yaz on Upstairs at Eric’s

The Entire Album of GRP Live in Session

The Entire Album - Russians & Americans by Al Stewart


Two songs come to mind:
The Happy Birthday song. Simple, timeless, even leaves room to improvise,
The Hoagy Carnmichael and Mitchell Parish American Songbook clasiic:
Stardust - A brilliant, haunting melody, and beautiful lyrics

Marc Stager
Stager Silver Solids pure silver interonnect cables


Jorgen Ingmann, brilliant guitar version:





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I am a supporter of jazz where there is a melody ... Yamamoto likes this album more than others ...


I have Melody Gardot on my playlist  One of the main reasons why l stream is the discovering new artists that I've not heard before

I enjoy thread drift as much as the next guy or gal, but this thread has gone off the rails to the point where it's now no more than a grab bag of miscellaneous vids. Either that or the universe is indeed awash with perfect songs.

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I enjoy thread drift as much as the next guy or gal, but this thread has gone off the rails to the point where it’s now no more than a grab bag of miscellaneous vids. Either that or the universe is indeed awash with perfect songs.


Well, I don’t think there is anything such as a truly perfect song, only those that are more suitable than others for certain moods or subject matter.

Case in point is the often complex father and son relationship which hasn’t been tackled too often as far as I know. For example, John Lennon (and Paul McCartney) often wrote songs about his mother, but his father hardly ever got a look in.


@flasd has already mentioned Cat Stevens’ Father and Son off his Tea for the Tillerman album, but what about this one for mixed feelings?


Martin Simpson - Never Any Good.

you need to listen to it with your heart (translation is not needed) ... an episode from an autobiographical film dedicated to Anna Herman (a recording of her voice was used) ... It's true - the musicians began to cry and could not play.


Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

Stella Blue - Grateful Dead

Dear Prudence - The Beatles

Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers

Angel From Montgomery - John Prine & Bonnie Raitt

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

East West - Butterfield Blues Band

Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan

Sweet Jane - Velvet Underground

Hickory Wind - Gram Parsons

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams

Car Wheels On A Gravel Road - Lucinda Williams


an unsurpassed performer - a nightingale eternally drunk with love )) .and when there are several of them - this is a fabulous chorus! ... in the forest you can hear very far


Van Morrison has certainly written some sublime songs but which one comes closest to perfection?

A very difficult question when you consider he wrote Brown Eyed Girl, Into the Mystic, And it Stoned Me etc.

If I had to choose one, it might as well be this one.

A perfect song from a perfect album.



several FAK songs

one out of any five M Ward songs

one out of any four Joanie Sommers tunes

one out of three Ronettes songs

one out any two Jeff Lynne songs

and then there was ONE...

.                       ..four guys from Liverpoll


Once upon a time, on the planet Earth of the solar system, springs beat from the ground - natural living water of incredible purity, beauty and strength... those who lived at that time were very lucky. My friends "robots" listen - this is one of them..


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Puccini's Vissi d'arte. Superhuman voices.






Ortofon named its top cartridge the Anna after this lady.

Bee Gees "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart". I put the Bee Gees up there with Lennon/McCartney for their songwriting skills. This is the only song that can make me cry.



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Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Tin Pan Alley". Using my Scott 299C (which will probably get a snarky comment), my Linn LP12 with an Accuphase AC-2 cart (for sure to get a snarky comment) and Klipsch Cornwall IVs (oh boy....) This is my first posting, I read many postings and am amused at how everything turns into a snarkfest. I can only imagine the entitled male audience that reads these postings. Reminds me of a debate on politics....

Whether this 80s hit can be considered pop perfection is a matter of opinion, but according to some of the comments posted below it, this seems to have helped some people climb out of the black hole of depression.

Surely that alone is enough to merit its inclusion here.



Peg - Steely Dan 

Naive Melody - Talking Heads 

All Blues -. Miles Davis 

Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin 

From the Morning - Nick Drake 

Dirty Back Road - B-52s 

Melissa - Allman Brothers 

Suppers Ready - Genesis 

Beautiful World - Devo

Ripple - Grateful Dead 

LA Woman - The Doors 

Only Living Boy in NY - Simon & Garfunkel 

Respect - Aretha 

Pusherman - Curtis Mayfield 

Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols 

I could go for days 

Very few songs ever recorded are as likely to blow your socks off like this one.

A real treat for those with systems possessing good dynamics - if not for their neighbours!



My selections:  


Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks (Ray Davies)

The Wind by Cat Stevens

Days by Television



I am very upset by lovers of the song about Waterloo (((

okay ... how do you like this nuance? :

about 30,000 people died in that battle (on both sides) ... But there are no burials! ... But there are numerous documents and testimonies - whole caravans of ships went to Foggy Albion - they carried fertilizers for the soil (bones boiled and ground into flour) ...

I wonder where they got them? )))