I guess most of us know the band AZIMUTH, the Brazilian fusion band.

I have only had 2 of their albums "Crazy Rhytm" featuring Joe Pass and Fenix.

What was really shocking to me that they've released SO MANY MORE albums that I should've known for so many more wasted years of my life. For me this band plays the most positive harmonies and rhythms each and every album with incredible magnitude of creativity and I desire to have every of their album lined up.


I'm looking for those and if you have other titles, please share experiences and, if interested, let me know price in my PM.



Lucky you...

Otherwise you'd be HUNTING like I do now.

If you ever need to boost your mood, you must definitely spin that band!

While I love fusion, Azymuth is a little too light and breezy for me. They are also a bit more funky than I like my jazz. 

Fantastic musicians, though.

But give me the intense, heavy, fiery fusion (Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Brand X, Iceberg, Panzerballett, etc), and I am happy.

I never heard of 'em either, but the only 'fusion' music I've ever paid attention to was 'Inner Mounting Flame' and 'Birds of Fire' by Mahavishnu Orchestra.