A True Gamechanger: The New Power Plants from PS Audio

I had to select cables as a category because there was not one that really worked.
  I recently received a new PS P15 power plant from PS Audio,  and felt it was time to start a thread about it.  After one week,  I am pretty sure that this may be the single best thing I have done in terms of sound improvement in many years.   I wrote a review about it on the PS website and here is an excerpt: "As someone who has been at the audio game since about 1976  I can say that, like a lot of you, there has been a lot of gear in and out of my life.

I started years ago with the PS PPP (premier power plant) and it made a noticeable improvement in the sound over using nothing at all. Going to the P5 in 2012 was a nice move up, and the P10 in 2016 was noticeably better in all areas over the P5. With the P15 I expected a nice jump like the P10 was over the P5. WRONG. It was not another move up in sound, it was transformational. Audio memory is a very iffy thing because there are so many factors that come into play, but I do not recall any change I have made in years, not even moving up in speakers, that has done what the P15 has done. The sound stage is so much bigger and so three dimensional, the detail is through the roof better without being brighter or more artificially detailed like some amps and preamps might do. It is both more nuanced and more powerful. The excitement of the music is so much more palpable and the sheer joy of listening to Jen Chapin and the Rosetta Trio, Fourplay, Fleetwood Mac, Mark Knopfler, Brahms, and the others that have been played since I got this new beast is way better."

We spend so much time changing cables,  amps,  etc.  and we forget that without proper and clean power,  it is all a bit of a crap shoot.  Do yourself a favor and try one of these new beauties. You will not be disappointed. 

My initial PS Audio PP back in the late-1990’s was revelatory. Made a huge difference in both audio and video. 
celander:  they have improved them so much it is scary.  I have owned four power plants over the years (PPP,  P5, P10, P15) and never has one made the difference that the P15 has.  If i was building a new and smaller system on a budget,  I would start with a P12 (the newest small version) and build from there, even if I had to compromise for the time being on lower priced electronics.  To me,  having a PS power plant is the core of any good system,  whatever the budget is.