Powersnakes and Power Plants

I am curious about whether anyone has tried the PS Audio Power Plants with Powersnake cords of some type. If so, which seems to help more? I am currently thinking that I can buy a Power Plant and then connect all my other components to it via Sidewinders but do people think that Cobras or King Cobras would still help significantly even with the Power Plant? Thanks!
I have a P300 and a Black Mamba. I've been experimenting with different configurations for about two months now and still have not reached a conclusion about where to put the Black Mambe (or even if I like the P300 for that matter). The Black Mamba is a tremendous product, but why the hell should you need to put it AHEAD of the P300? If the Power Plant is regenerating the power, basically, then why should it care what it gets from the wall (within reason). Seems like putting the good stuff after the Power Plant would make more sense, but the conventional wisdom says differently. I'll tell ya, my experience is that power cords and conditioning are very, very important to overall system sound, but they are a can of worms I sometimes wish I had never opened. -Dan
I've had Hospital grade power plants for many years. You can get them from several power conditioning companies. The quality of the power output is unmatched (measured using State of the Art test gear). Because they're not in the Audiophile market, they are a fraction of the cost (A few hundred dollars for 2500 watts). The only downside is they produce an audible hum and they have fan noise, so they must be put in a different room or in a closet.
As good as the B.Mamba is, the Cobra/K.Cobra is a BIG step up. I like the P300, but get the better cords first and then add the P300 as the last tweak. Also, don't necessarily assume that you need/should use the same power cord throughout your system. Use Cobra/K.Cobra on frontend equipment and Electroglide Fat Boy SE on the amps. This way you won't be overemphasizing any single sonic trait. Try it, you'll like it. (That is, if you can afford it.) Goodluck.
I have been using the P300 for a few months. I was very impressed with the improvment it made. It didn't blow me away but I definatly liked it better with the P300. A couple of weeks ago I got a Powersnakes King Cobra for my Wadia 860. Let me tell you this is the biggest upgrade I have done. It is imediatly obviously WAY better. I plugged mine into the P300, and I haven't tried it without, though I would like to know if the P300 is still making an audible diffrence.