Aalto Acoustics Lab in Finland

Just had a personal tour of this amazing facility. A lot of cool research going on with spatialization, symphony hall acoustics, and more. Got a chance to go in an anechoic chamber. If you’re ever in Finland...


Visits can be booked here:


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Thanks for sharing this. What did you think of the anechoic chamber? I've heard that they bother some people because of the eye/ear mismatch. We hear relatively anechoic environments outside all the time, but we don't expect an anechoic effect when we're inside a room, so it seems weird. 

@asctim Honestly, I didn't get a very powerful impression because our host was talking about the room the whole time we were in there. I should have asked for a few minutes alone in the room to get the experience!

I’ve watched some youtube videos where people experiment with playing instruments in anechoic chambers. Most instruments suffer without some room reinforcement, but the gong owned the anechoic chamber. It had so much built in reverberance that they could not make it sound subdued. It’s a resounding sound source that needs no further help!