Absolute Sounds 100 best albums

I already posted a thread titled 100 best albums but there was only 1 response, should have used Absolute Sound in the title. Really interested in reactions to the lists. URL is:
Leonard Cohen is 18 and Jimi Hendrix 38? I love Janis but 10 places above Wheels of Fire? Jackson Brown is 11? Didn't Belushi smash his guitar in "Animal House"? The Allman Bros have the number one album of the century? And if this is the best of the twentieth century, where's the list for the nineteenth?
ok, this is an eastern european/balkan test for channel phasing: from your left speaker only, you should hear a quick, distinctive rim shot. from your right speaker only you should listen closely for the short, painful sound of the heal of an opened palm striking one's forehead. but, hey, hey, hey, it's all right, we're only foolin'. no harm, no foul kitch. yo' momma and the a-gon gang still loves ya.
Leonard Cohen still sucks and mom always liked Dick more.
That's what makes life interesting. I think Leonard Cohen is great. "Everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good guys lost."
Leonard Cohen Sucks ? Now THAT's a mistake! His later albums: I'm Your Man and The Future are some of the best out there. Give me Stalin and St. Paul ! He's one of the few 'artistic' lyracists who can actually pull off a good song without sounding like some candy-a Elvis Costello wannabe plagarizing 'Iron John'. If Dennis Miller and Townes Van Zandt ever had a son.....
Hello! Earth to Absolute Sound! Randy Newman: where is Randy Newman? OK, I get it; he is neither the musician nor the lyricist Cyndi Lauper is, and he hasn't consistently put out the quality material that she has. Bollocks! How can you include the first Clash album and omit the Sex Pistols? They started the whole punk genre, and the Clash FOLLOWED. Besides, London Calling was the Clash's signature LP. Huh? Led Zeppelin gets 2 LPs on the list and the Velvet Underground gets 1????? The first Velvets album has to be the amongst the most influential albums ever. You know the cliche: "Only one hundred people bought that album but every one of them started a rock 'n roll band". One of those hundred were the members of R.E.M. (or at least one of them) No if, ands, or buts, ANY of the albums preceding "Green" exceeded it. Come on, which was more influential, "Murmur" or "Green"? Golly, it was fortunate for Sinead O'Conner that the drummer and bass player for the Smiths provided the rhythm section for her debut, but it pales in comparison to the Smiths' debut album (especially the US version which includes "This Charming Man"). Again, she's just another artist who rode along the coat tails of the pioneers who blazed a trail. Just my opinions, but there they are.