Accuphase DP-90/DC-91 combo outdated?

Hi, I'm curious if the well known Accuphase DP-90 CD-transport and DC-91 DAC already outdated products are in terms of sonics. They were the SOTA in 1992 (and megabuck gear), but nowardays? I've learned that "outdated" products (or products that are out of production) don't have to be outdated in terms of sonics. There are plenty older high-end units that are very sought after because of their sonic virtues. But do the current digital gear truly outclasses the old Accuphase combo by a mile?
I just want to let you know that inserting a Purist Audio Design Dominus AES/EBU between my Accuphase DP-90/DC-91 results in a more vinyl like sound, that means more PRAT, dynamics and a blacker blackground. Treble sounds more silky. Can anyone tell me the difference between this old transport/DAC combo and current high end digital gear, like dCS, Audio Aero or EMM Labs?
You may e-mail Dick Olsher of Enjoy the (ex Stereophiole and Fi) and ask for opinion. He have had teh 90/91 combo. Since he just sold it, he may give you an honest opinion.
I'll do that Elberoth, thx. I wonder if there are more fellow audiophiles who own this (almost classic) digital gear.
I think it would be a good buy if you intend to keep both and not mod them. I was told that Accuphase aren't a good platform for mods because they are so tightly packed with patrs. Olsher sold his pair for 5k.