Accuphase e-450 or E-560?

Hi, I am mulling over which of these integrated amps would sound best in my set up. I have Marten Coltrane Alto speakers (87db, 200 watts@6ohms) & my source components are: Ayon CD5 & Accuphase T-1000. Cables are Acoustic Revive & Siltech reference level. I currently own a Classe Cap-2100 integrated amp which is smooth, clean, fast & has good bandwidth, but I feel lacks a little power, musicality and warmth.

I have narrowed my choice down to an Accuphase integrated as the Accuphase has the right sound for my Marten speakers & I love the look of their gear. I have heard one member describe the older E-550 as "boring and lifeless/linear so i'd appreciate any comments from anyone who has a-b tested these two models.
Any of these accuphase is a huge leap from the classe int amp in refinement, smoothness, details and musicality.
The choice between the Class A integrated and the A/b is a tougher choice.
As a rule of thumb, if the Class A amp can drive that particular speakers, go for it.
There is just something magical about those Class A accuphase A int amps.
The E450 is no slouch but the sound quality of the Class A is just something else.
Thanks Nolitan for your comments. I'm impressed as i quite like the Classe house sound. I generally agree with your comment about class a amps, although it would be helpful to hear from any members who can describe the difference in sound between these two amps & comment if the E-560 has sufficient power to drive the Martens (which are inefficient at 87db) with "room to spare". Cheers.
I'm not very familiar with the Martens speakers but i did hear a dealer demoed, an older E550 (30w class A), drove a pair of ATC SCM19s (83 db) fairly easily in a 7m x 5m room.
hope that helps
I have spent almost a weak demoing E-550 vs. E-450. The speakers were Focal Utopia Micro Be and Wilson Sophia 2. In the end I went for E-550 as I have found it more musical and fluid. However, the difference is not night vs. day. On the other hand E-450 has much more dynamic headroom.

When driving the Micros E-550 clipped a few times for a fraction of a second, whereas when driving the Sophias it did not clip but it did became a little hotter (nothing to worry about). At home I use the Micros with a REL Stentor 3 and the E-550 never clips. As E-560 is supposed to have a power supply larger then E-550 my vote goes to E-560. However, everything depends on your listening habits. Best thing to do is to demo both with your speakers in a room of similar dimensions with yours.