Accuphase E380 upgrade?

Would it be worth to use my 1yr trade up program and trade my E380 for the the new accuphase E4000, which is basically the new E480 or just add a used $3-$4,000 amp to my e380? The upgrade would cost $7,000 here in the united states to go to the E4000, which is a lot.

OR...I could jump to a Hegel H590 for $3,500?

Speakers are B&W 804S which are 90db. the e380 sounds great, just wondering your thoughts? TIA....


The 480 has 1 additional pair of transistors per side, in addition to a beefier power supply. This would imply better control over bass and impedance dips, especially around 100 Hz (based on the single impedance curve I found for your speakers).

On the other hand, if you like the sound, having a stiffer amp may change the tonality. If you listen at low volume most of the time, stay where you are. If you want to turn it up and could use a little more punch, upgrade.

PS - The 480 is similar in terms of output stages to the Luxman 507 which you might consider as a price gauge.  I've not heard any Accuphase so I can't really comment on whether you should switch or not. 

@erik_squires , you never give up on recommending Luxman to everyone who wants to upgrade, do you?🤣

If you are haapy with your amp, I am of the opinion that your money be better spent on upgrading Dac or streamer or even better turntable if you spin LP.



@stereo5 - You bring up an excellent point. I think there are a few reasons. The Accuphase and Luxmans are similar in power output and aesthetics. Also, sadly, after my last round of listening which is now 4 years ago, I have not had the chance to evaluate several popular brands. This is why you never see me contrasting with Hagel or Gryphon or even Yammaha or Technics integrateds. I just haven’t had the chance to hear any of them. Also, quite honestly I’ve never heard or seen an Accuphase in person so I can’t contrast their sound with anything.

Lastly, I was struck by how expensive the "upgrade" the OP talked about was! Ouch.

Another thing I just thought of, given I moved to the deep south I wonder if I will ever even see another high end store in my lifetime. They are a lot harder to find these days and if you aren’t buying it’s less interesting to make the trip.

Maybe I should convince integrated amp makers to send me stuff for free so I can evaluate them here?? 😂

I think you are right though.  I need to change my tune.  From now on I'll only recommend D'Agostino and Vandersteen amplifiers.  I have heard them, they are excellent and I can't even afford the power cords for them. 🤣

@bigtex22 If I upgrade now or soon, I get full credit for mine towards the new E4000 integrated with the trade up program. Honestly will probably be my last that I will ever buy. I love the accuphase sound and figure, if I step up now, I will be setup if I want to change out speakers in a couple years. I was really impressed when I plugged in the E380 I have now. I know it is exspensive here in the U.S, but really want just a bit more power for future use or if I want to crank it up more. Thanks

@erik_squires Thanks, It is exspensive here in the United States, but I love the Accuphase sound. I t blows away my classe seperates I had for 20 years. I was shocked how great it sounds at all volume levels. I get full credit for what I have now If I trade up. Would also like to have a little more juice if I swap to different speakers down the road.

@shkong78 Thanks, I am happy for now with current dac etc.. I have the chance to get full credit for what I have now and originally wanted the e480, but they are not being made anymore when I wanted one and the e4000 is the new version of the e480.

Hi duketbrd,

I’m thinking about getting a used Accuphase E380 and I might do it tomorrow.  My speakers have 90db sensitivity.  Is E380 powerful enough to drive large scale orchestral music?

thanks in advance 

@brass2002  I would think so. It sounds great to me, but of course, every room and speaker is different.

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  • I auditioned the E380 and found it good in all genre except large scale orchestral music.  I asked if they had anything with more power and they brought out the E5000.  I was sold on the spot and surrendered my credit card.  Brought it home and listened to my speakers and could not be more happier.  Without breaking in, it already sounds better than my Krell KSA250; Pass Labs X0.2 +Pass Labs XA30.5.
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