Accuphase SACD DP-85 problem

I have a DP-85 SACD player recently developed "TOC Error" problem all the time. I have to turn on & off to try my luck repeatedly. The 1st time I play when powered up always work fine, however the 2nd cd will have such problem. What's the possible cause?
Any easy cleaning I can do?
Any technician can repair this?
Axiss Audio won't service it because I bought from Asia.
Normally this means that the alignment has gone out of whack, which can be fixed; or the optical pickup needs to be replaced because the laser is going south. My guess is that problems will start to get more severe.

If you could get the service manual, you may find the steps to call up the self-alignment processes built into the test mode. I am not familiar with Accuphase - who makes their optical pickups?

If it's just an alignment problem, it can be fixed. If the laser is going, it needs replacement. Both things can be done by a competent technician.

"Table Of Contents" or TOC error.

Sounds to me like the player doesn't recognize that the first disc has been removed, and it's trying to find the first track (of second disc) at the address of the first.

The reason it works if you turn it off/on is the TOC buffer is purged when machine is powered off.
This allows the next TOC info to be loaded for subsequent disc.

If you have a remote control, try opening the machine (after disc-1) with the remote and load/play disc-2.

If this doesn't work, use the "open/close" button on the machine itself and see if this makes a difference.

Also, try pressing "Stop" button prior to ejection, etc. (you are trying to find what will purge
the TOC buffer).

Finally, try contacting Accuphase home office for advice.
This could be a firmware issue related to disc region-code
(USA is region-1).
Hello Metralla/Dweller,
Thanks for your advice.
I "initialized" the player following the operational manual several times.
I also followed the tips from Dweller, and the problem remains.
I emailed Accuphase Japan two months ago, and haven't received any reply yet.
Does anybody know any techs can repair Accuphase player?
I'd ask Axiss Audio how to contact someonw at the home office for assistance.
They may not want to fix your problem but I don't think
they would be petty enough not to help.
I emailed & called Axiss, and their response was firm: they checked the serial number first, if the unit was not sold through them, sorry! No advice, no service.
I understand their attitude, there are way too many Accuphase products brought in through the grey market. They have to protect their own interest.
Accuphase Japan in my experience rarely if ever respond to email. With my Accuphase CDP I had the opportunity to buy it cheap b/n in another country but decided to get it at a premium in my home country because of this Accuphase protective support policy. Suggest you try to contact the distributor/dealer in the country where you bought it, maybe they can help you out via email/phone.
I am having the same problem with my Accuphase Dp78.

After a few discs, it starts do show the "TOC ERROR" message. Turning it off and waiting several minutes seems to work for some time, but the problem is coming more often lately.

Does anyone have the service manual of Dp78? If so, how can I do the self alignment procedure?


My Accuphase DP78 seems to have the same problem - sometimes it cant read TOC - some head tracking noises can be heard from inside. When I stop and eject CD the disc spins for a second on a tray. After ejecting and loading again the disc is read fine... Sometimes accu freezes and it must be turned off and on. The laser seems to be fine since once the TOC is read the disc plays flawlessly...

Is it some mechanical issue or what?...

best regards