Acoustic/Classical guitar. Who is your favorite?

I've been declining to even go outside to run recently since my Sonos player finally realized that the one station I have programmed in is intended to consist of all classical / modern acoustic guitar and has been faithfully delivering that for several days now.

I have discovered many new guitarists that have some serious talent and it seems to sound incredible on my rig and I can't get enough (despite my unltra-low-cost design).

I'm strictly speaking of solo-guitarists of the classical/modern nature. Some have a little percussion or violin parts which is fine too.

So what I'd like to know is... Who is your favorite? And if you have any favorites that only exist on vinyl, include that info for I shall invest in analog to accommodate. ;-)

I'll start. My favorites are Andy Mckee and Antoine Dufour.

Andrew Hardin who use to play with Tom Russell and many others. I think the CD is called Blue Acoustics. They even use an String Bass that is so unique.
Paco Delucia
Pat Metheny
Those are the 3 that stand out in my mind right now.

There are others.
Bruce Cockburn
Antonio Forcione
Steve Howe
And last but not least
Eric Idle and his version of "Here comes the Sun" on Saturday Night Live
Tiggerfc - Are you listening to an Internet radio station? If so, what's the URL? I also enjoy acoustic guitar and would love to find a great station that plays that type of music. I'm using a Squeezebox 3. Thanks.
Non-classcial - Tony Rice
Classical Take your pick (Julian Bream, John Williams, C. Parkening)
Michael Chapdelaine. Won the national fingerpicking championship on the steel string, and is a classical guitar professor at UNM. Incredibly musical Bach pieces and amazing arrangements of pop tunes.

Jesse Cook, for nuevo flamenco. like Otmar Liebert, except not boring.

Tony Rice is unsurpassed.
Nice picks so far everyone. Thanks for posting.

Kenl... I have a Sonos player and I have Tommy Emanuelle in the title of the station so it just randomly picks things similar to it. I rarely ever have to skip a track.
If Choro music considered classical than
ALESSANDRO PENEZZI is the king of all. Whoever doesn't believe should youtube him.
Non-classical I'd pick certainly Paco DeLucia.
Not classical but 75% of the responses haven't been either. Do yourself a favor and check out:

Tim Sparks - Mississippi Blues - The dude's like a blues playing Joe Pass. For that matter, pick up Joe Pass - Virtuoso, a solo recording so extraordinary that most people overlook that every tune save one is played on acoustic guitar!
Pepe Romero

I promise you will not be disappointed and will most likely be amazed.
A specific Pepe Romero album I would suggest is the Juoquin Rodrigo Conciertos, Pepe Romero, Los Romeros - Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields - Mariner, Rodrigo Joaquin (1901-1999)(PHILIPS)

3 disc set which is a phenomenal recording as well as an outstanding piece of music....

Lol! Yeah, well, it doesn't really matter as long as it is acoustic. Just an easy thread starter. Sorry if it is mis-leading in any way. Should have just written... "Favorite Acoustic Guitarist" instead. Next time. ;-)

Thanks for the inputs all. Keep 'em comin'.
Alice Artzt (Hyperion, Meridian)
Diego Blanco (BIS, Swedish Society)
Mats Bergstrom (BIS, Proprius)
Peder Riis (Opus 3)

All are classical music performers on solo guitar. If you have a taste to explore lute and baroque guitar, let us know...
Davy Graham (synthesis of folk, blues, jazz, balkan, north african, indian, etc ...)
From an amazing "sound" point of view on the vinyl format , Almeida has a recording on Crystal Clear Records that is both direct to disc *and* 45 rpm: Beatles arrangements and a work by an obscure Latin composer for percussion, guitar and solo Cello. The vinyl is white.
Eddie Lang
Joe Pass "virtuoso" series
John Fahey
Django Reinhardt
R.L. Burnside
Tony Furtado
Michael Hedges
Mississipi John Hurt
Derek Bailey
Tony Rice
Bryon Sutton
Charlie Christian
Joe Pass check out "virtuoso" series
Derek Bailey
Sonny Sharrock
John Fahey
Leo Kottke
Michael Hedges
Eddie Lang
Django Reinhardt
Tony Rice
David Grisman with Tony Rice "Tone Poems" album. David's albums have great sonics of acoustic instruments simply mic'd.
Bryan Sutton
Tony Furtado

Tried to post my list unsuccessfully(?), sorry if this is repost. Most acoustic, all favorites.