Notice to all. Bob Williams of Audionut deceased.

Hi All,

A sad day if you ever had the pleasure to meet or deal with "Bob" the Audionut. He was a true gentleman and one of the "REAL" characters in this hobby. I will miss him greatly.
Well then I guess you never had the pleasure. He owned and operated a store called Audionut in Phoenix, Az. He was greatly involved in the audio scene in Az. for many years and was a "tinkerer". Bob was never afraid to go against the convential way of thinking in Audio. He will be sadly missed in our community.
There was no nicer man in audio!
Simple "form follows function" hold the bells and whistles kind of guy.
Generous with his time and knowledge no matter the size of help needed...

He will indeed be missed!
What a kind and wonderful guy. One of my favorite people in this hobby.

This is very sad news.
I also agree - he was a pleasure to deal with and work with. He truly enjoyed this hobby and the people he delt with. Any idea on how old he was ???? when I spoke with him - he always seemed full of energy and for the lack of a better description - younger sounding.

Taters- there is a whole big world outside of Audiogon
Taters, it seems your comments mean to say , " so what , I didn't know him." , I have been on audiogon longer than you....I also look every day...and I don't know you . So what did you mean by your post.
I'm just saying I never heard of him before on this website. If his name was mentioned alot I probably would know who he was. I didn't mean any disrespect by my comments.
I'll comment on Taters behalf. I've been around a little longer and never heard of this gentlemen either. It's true that there is much more to the world than A'gon. I guess every geographic area has it's shinning stars! I could comment on Buzz Wheatly and most likely get a response from a member in the swame fashion of Taters. When I read his post I didn't take any offense of disrespect whatsover. Actually, life is too short to even think that way! :))

Then what is the point of the post? I didn't know Bob Williams either, but obviously several members here did. Why not let them mourn his passing and share stories without interjecting pointless, insensitive comments?

It is actually possible to have thoughts without expressing every one.
Or we could spend our lives getting mad at offhanded comment people make. My respects to Bob Williams, even though I didn't know him either.
Hey folks,let's move on. Having been one of the members to post a
negative post for Taters,... I read his response( re:1st post by Taters), and I take his word that he meant no disrespect.
Thanks for letting us all know. Bob was a true gentleman and fine person. He knew everyone in the industry and always had a great story to share. He will surely be missed.
Bob was a of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He personally delivered my repaired subwoofer the weekend he went at the Grand Canyon. I work here and he said he'd deliver it if i could get him a room. We met, talked for a while but he was ready to start hiking. The following Tuesday his son Anthony called me and asked if i'd heard from bob as he was due home Sunday. a park wide search ensued and his body was discovered the following Saturday. No cause of death has been made public yet. My prayers go out to his family.
I was a customer of Bob's, talked to him just a few weeks ago at the store... so sorry for his family. Stay strong Anthony.
Wow, this is a chance thread. i've dealt with Bob on a few occasions. Bought some Usher speakers from him and he gave me a good deal (shipped to me in CA). The man sure could talk (!)... But a very helpful, patient and experienced person. He seemed like someone you'd enjoy having a beer with. I'm a little in shock -- he died while hiking? Crazy, if anyone has a link to a news article I'd be appreciative.