Acoustic Zen Silver Reference IC

I recently acquired an Acoustic Zen Silver Reference balanced interconnect, (Acoustic Zen was formed by cable designer Robert Lee who used to be the designer of Harmonic Tech.)since I always wanted to try out new interconnects anyway.

I initially expected this cables to be just another cable since I have Nordost Quattro Fil as a reference on my all solid state system (EMC1,Krell KRC3 and FPB200,Thiel CS3.6). Much to my surprise without even breaking it in as I placed it on my system the sound just change to the best sound I heard coming from my speakers. I was shaking my head as this is really happening without the quattro fil in line. I'm not the best guy to write about audiophile sound but I can tell you that this cable just blew the all other cables I had in my system. This cable simply brought my system to another level. Resolution and transparancy increased three fold allowing details to emanate from the music naturally w/o being analytic, or "in your face". Anybody looking for a new cable, this one really is worth an audition.

I have recently replaced Analysis Plus Silver and Nirvana SX with similar good results. Give it a try you may really like it.
I also have been trying to find out how to get in touch with these folks, any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.
They are currently still working on their website if I'm not mistaken. I got in touch with them initially by emailing them directly
phone number 858/487-7429
hopefully this will help.

Glide3, I am considering the SX interconnects and was wondering what your system is?
All reviews have been very positive for AZ cables, but price range is very high, even if bought used. This leads me to think that soon AZ line will be expanded to lower price models, as the market for higher end cables is very small. Perhaps you could get 95% of the sound for half price soon.....just speculating. It would be interesting to compare HT new MAGIC line of cables to AZ, I would not be surprised if they are very similar sounding.
Just went to website given by Dolphin, not surprisingly the cables look very similar to Harmonic tech, both in shape, size, and connectors. I own several HT cables and always thought the locking RCA connectors were inferior to locking WBT models, or even Cardas friction fit RCAs, so I am very surprised that it seems AZ uses same RCAs on these much higher priced ICs.
Sorry about the error on prior post, sticky fingers. Anyway, I agree with Megasam about the cables looking similar to HT ICs, part of the reason most likely is they share same designer. But their similarities stop there. I can say without hesitation that the HT cables is not in the same league as the Acoustic Zen cables. I will put the Acoustic Zen cables against cables 3 times its price any day.
RMML, I have no doubt that Dr Lee has surpassed his designs at Harmonic Tech, but price at least for me is out of reach. Your system is excellent, and higher price level so AZ makes sense for you. I expect Clement Perry will soon have article on AZ at Stereotimes, he will no doubt love them, as he was one of the first to recommend HT cables.
Morasp...I have the 47 labs flatfish w/progrssion dac, Lamm L-1, Lamm ML-1's, Kharma Ceramique 2's. I use AZ cables from dac to pre and pre to amps(i used the Nirvana sx from cd to pre and sl from pre to amp). My speaker cables are Purist Dominus rev B. Digital cable is NBS model 1. FIM gold cords on amps and shunyata KC's on cd power supply and pre-amp. All front end gear is plugged intp PS audio p-300 w/multiwave and bybee upgrade.
Glide3, your system probably just sounds like the real thing. I mean each and every component (I consider cables as components)in your system in my opinion is one of the best their category.I'm pretty sure it's always goosebumps time everytime you listen to it.
Rmml....I do enjoy listening and I listen alot. I have an anolog front end as well and spend quite a bit of time with the big black discs. The 47 labs comes as close to the qualities I admire in anolog of any digital I've heard in my system.
Acoustic Zen now offers two interconnects, the Matrix Reference and the Silver Reference, 498.00 and 898.00. I would compare either one to anything on the market, they are that good, and the same goes for all of their other cables. And yes I'm a dealer for their products, I not only recommend them I use them in my system.