Acoustical treatment to minimize exterior noises?

Because the world comes with annoying nonstop leaf blower noise from neighbours and dogs barking at 7 AM how does one protect a persons sanity from all this unwelcome noise?

I bought acoustical compressed panels, sort of like ceiling tile panels and place them over a window frame to muffle exterior noises but it could be a a lot better.

I'm interested to know if there's any acoustical tiles or panels that are well suited to deal with preventing annoying exterior noises from entering a sacred room designed to enjoy inner room sound as well as sleep.  Ideally covering a larger wall Space as well as the window frames completely is the only way to pursue this noise reducing goal.  All this without doing major surgery on the walls and installing Multi pane windows designed to improve quietness within a room which are horrifying expensive to install.



You may find more results in researching soundproofing rather than acoustic treatment. I have soundproofed for a couple situations. One was a large walk in closet where I kept the compressor for my tone arm (plus a whole lotta records that were mostly 2nd tier). I sound proofed the room using mass loaded vinyl (like lead and almost as heavy but it’s plastic). Covered that with an acoustic blanket or two and dead quiet- but, even the small cable pass-through (the size of a duplex outlet) had to be soundproofed. (For that I used Melamine a/k/a Magic Eraser- yes, before it was used as a "magic" cleaning material, including for phono styli, it was designed for soundproofing).

When I moved, I decided the compressor would go into a custom made sound proof box. I found an online facility that had a ready to use product- it was large 2 x 4 ft sheets of melamine with a layer of mass loaded vinyl in the middle. The box was designed by me, build by some local carpenters and lined with those specialty melamine/mass loaded vinyl "sheets." The sheets aren’t cheap but could be used for windows or for other custom applications. That stuff works. The acoustic blankets, alone, were insufficient in my first application.

Here’s what the box looks like:

And here’s a site that sells such material, although not the one I dealt with. You will see that they offer a variety of soundproofing materials. This may not be what you are after, but this could help you get started in your research:


There are in fact acoustical covers for windows and they are IMHO very expensive, around $700 per average window

OH, yeah, acoustic treatment such as sold by GIK and others is not what you need.  Here's an example of noise blocking for windows: