Active Not powered stand mount loudspeaker recommendations

The ones I am looking at are: Kii3, Avantgarde zero 1 XD, and the Dutch & Dutch 8c. Any thoughts on these or could you suggest any others. Thanks!
Kii3 and Avantgarde zero to me were both surgical in their sound, impressive presentation of the fundamental of musical notes, but with no apparent decaying of the harmonic structure of those fundamental notes to their sound, impressive but not enjoyable to me.

Cheers George
@erik_squires a powered speaker that is not active is one that has built in amplification but the crossover is still between the amplifier and the drivers.  Active is when the crossover is before the amplification.  
So active, not powered, is a speaker system with an active crossover, or bass correction module but which still relies on user supplied amplifiers.

Got it.
seadogs1, I have been involved in audio for over 45 years, including several years as an audio dealer and distributor. I have never before heard of an unpowered speaker referred to as "active." The industry, in general, regards an active speaker as a powered speaker.

Where or how did you arrive at your definition of active?
Active speakers frequently have amplifiers built in.  It's just that they have active crossovers between the source and the amplifier.  If you have a pair of two way speakers, you need 2 channels of amplification in each one for active, but only one for powered since the crossover is after the amplifier.  Powered but not active isn't very common.  They're usually fairly cheap computer speakers from what I've seen.