Actual photo locations from Classic Album Covers

I enjoyed that, thanks for posting. Your posts are frequently about music (excellent).

I wish there were more, I can think of dozens of covers I've wondered about.
Google "album cover locations" and you'll find plenty. I want to know where Jackson Browne's Late For The Sky was shot. is a little info about the cover of "Late For The Sky". BTW, one of my favorite Jackson Browne albums.
Mofi- Thx for the link. One of my favorite albums of all time but I never paid much attention to the art work.
Second thx Mofi. That is a fantastic link. Although Late For The Sky isn't my favorite Jackson Browne album, it does contain my favorite JB song, For A Dancer. A lot of memories when I play that one. And the album cover is ranked in my top ten covers. Always thought it was special and after reading the info in the link, I love it even more.
While driving through an unfamiliar area of Oakland, CA with my daughter many years ago, I looked down a street and thought I saw something I recognized. We went back to find that it was the Duck Kee Market shooting location for the cover of Credence Clearwater's "Willie and the Poorboys" album. A few years later, I read that someone had stolen the sign. Those wacky nostalgia collectors!