Acurus A200 vs Adcom 5800

I am currently running NHT 2.5i speakers w/ MIT termenator2 speaker cables and have 3 preamps. I have an Adcom GFP-555II
and an Acurus L10 and an Acurus RL-11 preamps. I also have an Arcam Alpha 8SE cd player. I am also using MIT single ended cables to connect the preamp to the amp and the cd player to the preamp.

My question is would the Adcom GFA-5800 amplifier or the Acurus A200 amplifier sound better? I want a detailed sound with a large soundstage. Any help will be appreciated.
If you are going to choose another Adcom to replace your GFP-555II, I would recommend only the Adcom 5802. The 5800 amp was not one of Adcom's better amps, which is why it was replaced rather quickly by the 5802. And, while the Acurus A200 is an adequate amp, I would not recommend it given the other choices that are available right now.

After you decide if the Adcom 5802 will fit your budget, and will fit in the space you have for it (it's a tall amp, so check this factor out), you should consider some of the other amps in a similar price range, such as the Bryston 4B-ST (for my money, a better amp than the Adcom 5802), and the comparable amps made by Rotel, Parasound, and B&K.

I don't mean for my comments to sound like a condemnation of Adcom. I have owned a number of Adcom amps, including the original 555, and the 555-II. The current Adcom 5500 is a perfectably respectable amp in its price range, but the competition has gained a lot of ground on Adcom over the past several years. If you are going to upgrade your amp, then make the upgrade one which will offer you a real increase in audio performance.
What do you think of an Aragon 8008BB amplifier as an alternative to the other amps mentioned above?
The Aragon 8008BB would be another good choice, the Acurus coming in last on your list. Sell all of your preamps, you can really improve there. The Adcom 750 pre is a Pass design and a great value used.
Send you current Adcom amplifier to Stan Warren for modification and upgrading. For a few hundred dollars it will beat anything near those prices. Search old threads for Stan Warren and Adcom.
I disagree with the others. I'd go Aragon, Acurus and Adcom as a last resort. The Acurus amp is quite a unit. Adcom is basically junk. The 5802 is better than the others but not close to the Aragon. go to audioreview to look to see what others have to say about all the choices. You really don't have a bad choice here but the Mondial equipment is better.
Thanks for the responces. Any owners of Acurus equipment out there, who've heard the ADCOM GFA-5800, also??
Without any budget limitation, there are hundred of other amps that are definitely better than the A200 and as good as - if not better than - any being mentioned here. I have no experience w/ Adcom 5800 but I do have Acurus A200 and RL-11 driving the Magenepan 1.6 and I am quite happy w/ the setup. Of course, I would rather have the Aragon 8008xx or Bryston 4Bxx but each of them is more than twice the price of an A200. I am sure the Adcom 5800 would be the same as well. BTW, the A200 has been discontinued but you still can find them on used market for about $500. An used 8088 or 4B is at least twice that much so take your pick.

No crazy way. The Acurus sounds good to only those of limited hearing or listening experience. I visited a friend that was powering his Martin Logans with an Acurus. He was playing, "Your Not the Man." I recognized the words of the song but not the singer. It sounded a little like Donald Duck it was so grainy, veiled and pinched. I blurted out, "Is that Sade singing?" I was embarassed, but my friend assured me it was and the crummy sound was the fault of his amp. We plugged in my amp and there whe was, Sade. I know I'm going to get flack, but its a true story. That Acurus owner went right out and bought a Sonic Frontiers. Adcom has a much better, though not great, sound than Acurus.
sonic frontiers......acurus......hmmmmmmmm.... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I hate to inform you but some will say ML's are borderline unlistenable too. doens't mean the person have limited hearing or listening experience, depends on taste. there is no way an adcom anything sounds that much better than an acurus. Acurus can sound bright and I imagine combining an electrostat and the acurus could be a sharp combo but the potentially bright acurus sound is no secret, what was your friend thinking combining the 2. sounds like he has the limited experience. I would bet if you didi a double blind test between the 2, most peopel wouldn't be able to tell the difference. One thing that is a 100% fact is that the Acurus has better bass control and dynamic power, possibly all else being equal to the 5800. both have their limitations but are vry good for this price range.
Any planar or ribbon speaker will out perform any dynamic driver when it comes to revealing true downstream character. I ran a series of solid state amps on my Boston acoustics towers, without hearing any significant differences in sonics except for, yes, bass control. As soon as I bought Apogee Stage speakers it was a different story, and the only amp I could find at the time that didn't offend and was within my budget was a used Jolida 1000a. This amp converted several audio friends into going to tubes one way or another. I now own Apogee Duetta Signatures and am using a Pass Labs X150 solid state mated with a Sonic Frontiers Line pre. This combo, even used, is way out of budget for those looking at Acurus of Adcom. I'm just mentioning it because money is need to get a ss amp that rivals tubes. Tubes will still do the job better in the under $2000 range. I just sold my Jolida to a fellow running inefficient Norwegian mini monitors, with titanium tweeters. After trying Adcom unsuccessfully, he is a happy camper now.
I have not heard the Adcom 5800. I own an Acurus A250 (which is basically the same as the A200), powering Totem Model 1 biwires via an Audio Research hybrid preamp. This combination gives a wonderfully musical sound, with great accuracy. Many non-audiophiles and professional musicians have wondered (from around the corner) if the music was live. I use a Rega Planet and Planar 3 as sources, along with an NAD tuner, an HK CD changer with HDCD, and Yamaha KX-500 and cheap JVC double cassette decks. I also use a genesis servo 10 subwooofer with 300 watt amp (the monitors run full range). I have stopped the continual upgrade process for the forseable future. So, in response to the Acurus bashing, my ears tell me otherwise. I suggest you audition the amps at home and trust your ears. Rather than constant A/B switching, try long listening periods (including background listening) and be on the lookout for ear fatigue (I have found that many initially impressive sounds reveal themselves to be harsh, over-etched, whatever your preferred term is, over time).
I purchased a used A200 and am happy with it. I was also looking for a used 5800 at the time also but in the used price I could not bare to spend $200-300 extra on a used 5800. The a200 is the better deal. Period.
I have powered my NHT2.5i speakers with an A200 for two years now and I must say the sound is very pleasing to me. The A200 drives my NHTs to their fullest....very clear highs, clean midrange and powerful tight bass. Everyone has their own sound preference and I would definitely audition whatever combos may interest you and decide based upon what you like.