Add a titled huperlink

For all of us tidy people, how do you add a titled hyperlink? Maybe A-gon did away with it or I just forgot.

Used to be something like:

[url=https//] TITLE[/url]
Here’s how:

1) Type the text you want hyperlinked.

2) Click on the text and highlight it.

3) Go to the mini menu above the dialogue entry box and click on the link icon farthest to the right of the four icon buttons (quote, bullet list, number list, hyperlink).

4) After you click the hyperlink icon, an address window will open. Copy the webpage address you wish to link, and paste it in the hyperlink address window.

5) Click OK.

You’re done.
Thanks. Works good but I needed to remove the duplicate https://

And kudos to all for not busting me on my stupid typo.

Pluto 2.1

Thanks for this. What used to work for me stopped after an update to this site some time ago. 

All the best,
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