Add External DAC or Upgrade to a New Streamer / DAC?

So upgrade-itis has struck again and I'm looking to improve my digital front end. Right now I am using the HiFi Rose RS250 (Quobuz - Roon - Ethernet - HiFiRose) which is fed into a PrimaLuna Evo 400 Integrated into GoldenEar Triton One.Rs Cardas and Wireworld interconnects and cables. My question is this. In order to achieve a marked improvement in digital sound quality (and being that I enjoy the look and interface of the Rose) is there an external DAC you would recommend running the Rose through (as cost effective as possible - pre-owned or demo preferred) or is there a Streamer / Dac combo product that would be the smarter upgrade move. I'd appreciate any input / advice. Thanks!


Gemoody, I asked the same question to Upscale and was told that the components are better so lower noise - although at double the price.  I would also like to find an upgrade, but I don't really need the 4k video screen that is on the rs150.  I just want better sound.  I use Tidal and use a wired connection from the router into my McIntosh 352 amp.


OP, when you say you are looking for a "fuller sound" it reminds me of some problems I was having with my room.

In my room, I wanted more fullness. There were some drop-outs (nulls) which I was able to specify and then address using room analysis software and microphone. I then made some adjustments to speaker positioning and room contents (including bookshelves and some room treatments). Changes to those factors were substantial and they allowed me to go ahead and compare gear confident that it was the gear which was now the thing-to-be-changed (or not).

Have you got your room as good as you can and have you measured it, would be my question.

Thank you for the feedback everyone it is incredibly helpful to have all this information in one place to help steer research and decision making. It sure beats the never-ending rabbit-hole of Googling endless articles that contradict one another and are borne of difficult to discern motivation.