Add Verus Drive to Basis or go Lenco

I currently have a Basis 2000 with the plinth sitting directly on Walker cones on a Target wall mount shelf with Maple butcher block with Graham 2.0 and Benz H20 cartride. I have been reading with some interest about the the resurgence of the idler drive tables like the Lenco or Garrard.
What I am wondering about are the considerations of trying the Teres Verus drive on my current Basis versus getting a Lenco or Garrard with Jean Nantais level mods. Can I get most of the performance benefit of a modded Lenco/Garrard by using the Verus? Not sure if anyone has done such a comparison. Thanks
After a little more research I found the OMA Anatase from Oswald Mills Audio which is a finished Lenco L75 that dispenses with the orginal Lenco top plate and integrates into a heavy slate plinth (80lbs) complete with removeable arm board. Has anyone had experience with this table to offer any insights? Thanks
I have such a one (Lenco L75/PTP top plate/slate plinth) and it is a wonderful turntable. Compares in every way to my Denon DP80 in slate and my Technics SP10 Mk2 in slate, yet different in a good way.
Agree with Lewn and I have a slate SP10 mk2 too. I just finished putting my slate PTP3 Lenco together a few days ago and paired with a Transfi T3 Pro linear tracker, it's truly a fantastic combination.And I can take both further too in the future with more custom parts. I actually considered using a Verus on my TW R1 at one stage last year but decided to pocket the money instead as TW has good resale and rep among audiophiles.