Adding a third REL subwoofer

Using a pair of REL subwoofers using the high level connection to a class A/B amp and am considering adding a third. What is the best choice for connecting the third subwoofer. Would you use the high level connection with the speaker terminals already used for the stereo left right subs. Any advice? Thanks.


I have had Rel’s for 20 yrs so This is my guess.. One sub is connected red to +L & yellow to +R so you get both channels into the one sub. Two are hooked up in a stereo config. with one serving left channel and the other the right. I believe there are possibly 2 ways to connect 3 Rels.

option 1 - Connect all 3 in a config like the one in which only one sub is used.

Option 2 - If you have the 2 connected as a stereo pair, then the third would be connected to both channels as if it were a single.

This way you still get both channels into the 3rd sub. I cannot see any harm to come from this and have also been considering this since I have a Storm 3 which I am not using now.

EDIT Depending on the placement of the 3rd sub, option one may be the best balanced approach. This way all three will be receiving a stereo signal.

Got it ,thank you. I just recently took a old sub and added it to the REL’s using pre out from the amp, and really enjoyed the set up. So now of course I can’t help but wonder what improvements the matching sub would bring. 

My system is in the LR so I have to find a "proper WAF" place to setup the 3rd. Those with the swarm setup are sold on it . I'll figure it out sometime soon. Right nowe got my hands full with streaming issues. Ugh

FWIW, dialing in subs beyond 1 was very difficult. I realized that variable phase is very important, and many REL's do not have that -- they have 0 or 180. Perhaps a sub that does might be something to consider. Just a thought.