Advice on LAT International Cables

I'm contemplating rewiring my entire HT system with LAT Internationals stuff. B&K electronics and older Monitor Audio speakers. I know there are lots of choices, but any disuaders at the same price point? I know, I know, use my ears. Well easier said than done in the cornfields of central Illinois. Just lamens recommendations please, and similar price points. Thanks in advance for your time.
LAT is good value and reasonably good performing cable. I have tried their interconnects and power cords and I can recommend them at their price point. Also look into DH Labs Silver Sonic cables - competetive with LAT in price and value, especially speaker cable. Wireworld Atlantis II interconnects and speaker cable also recommended at this price point.
I use all Lat stuff. I have the IC-200 mark II for interconnects, the SS-1000-D speaker cables, s-video cables, DI-20 digital cables, optical digital cable, and Lat power cords. I have tried Dh labs which are just as good as the Lat but not nearly as well built. I found the Dh labs interconnects provided more detail than the Lat. But the Lat had a much smoother sound with great bass and good detail but short of the dh labs. Also the Lat seem to have a better balance between the highs and the bass. Over all I prefered it's sound. But the best bargain that I have found are the speaker cables. The are excellent. It is easy to argue the merits of one cable over another. However, when you compare the build quality of Lat it is easy to see that they are the hands downs winner. Have I heard better sounding interconnects, yes but at about triple the price of Lat. Have I heard better speaker cables any where near the price of the SS-1000-D, certainly not.
If you want a vivid sound with lots of detail, then the LAT's may work for you. On the other hand, if you want a lusher, richer sound, suggest you try MIT, Harmonic Tech or Transparent Audio. I have been to Morris and Marseilles, Ill in the winter and it was kinda cold-you may like a warmer sound.