LAT International IC-200 Mark II

I'm very interested in the IC-200 Mark II by LAT International and would like to hear about your experiences. Also, has anyone compared this cable to the new copper IC from Analysis Plus (Solo Crystal Oval IC)?

I use them throughout my whole system. I recently compared one head-to-head against a JPS Superconductor 2, which I had been using; the comparison IC was between my amp and preamp. Both my wife and I agreed, without much trouble, that we prefered the LAT better.

I also comapred LAT's SS-1000 D bi-wire to my JPS Superconductor 2 speaker wire, again choosing the LAT. We found the difference to be more dramatic between the IC's than the speaker cables.

Both comparisons revealed the JPS to be more forward, in your face. The LAT had greater sound stage and revealed details better, in my system...we simply liked the LAT better at every level.

I also have two of LAT's power cords, one on my amp, the other on my CD player. It made quite a difference to my amp, the difference was very small to my CD player (Meridian 508.24).
I also use this interconnect in my system with great results - I was using Alpha Core Micro purl before and have moved these to another system. Very well made at any price and a good silver/copper combo that gives a real natural sound to everything.
These cables are not High end.I own them along with many others.
Don't waste your money.

LAT hype is they compare to cables costing $$$ more. They realy don't compare. I use mine from my Cassette player output.
If Ozzy is correct there would be a ton of them for sale on this site which there are not. Check the other so called HIgh End cables - there are a ton for sale - seems like its your money being wasted Oz on the other cables you seem to own.
Sorry, I did not want to offend you.
There are howvever many used ads on these LAT's for sale.
If your system says it sounds ok then thats all that should be important to you.
Not that my system is the ultimate but as I upgraded components the LAT performance comparison became more magnified.
There are 1159 cables ads on Audiogon and not a single one is LAT International.
I'll give you $10 for them --- after all they are not high end and just pure crud.
The cables I own are the IC-200 D not the latest Mk11 Version .
But, I do not believe the sound quality could have been improved that much.

I have tried many high end cables , some improve some don't.

The system that uses the cables and how it reacts to the cables is what determines if it is an improvemnet or not.
"Only as good as the weakest link".

So,if it improves your system then be happy !
So LAT is better than Goertz? So if LAT is "not highend", than Goertz is low end?
Did you post your auction on Audiogon? I've done searches over the past few days and couldn't find your listing.

What was their customer Service like? I called to discuss an order and found him to be very brusque and indiffernt. Other manufacturers I've spoken to, Morrowaudio, wywires, JPS and the cable company, on the other hand, have bent over backwards to guide and help. LAT's attitude quite frankly, made me hesitate to place an order
I was tempted to try lat products, but after a phone conversation with them and the lack of any reviews other than those on audioreview i will be lookin elseware and the fact that no audio stores have touched them my search will continue. if something sounds to good to be true it more than likely is to good to be true.if they are as good as they are advertised to. they would be all over the place