Aesthetix Preamps

I know there have been multiple threads on tube rolling in the Aesthetix preamps but I thought I would draw folks' attention to my recent experience.  I had always thought that the V1 tube positions really affects the character of the sound more than V2.  While its probably true, V2 is equally important if you want to extract the best from your Janus Calypso or Rhea.  My favorite combination is a warmer tube like vintage RCA's or Amperex in V1 and some very clean very good vintage Telefunken in V2.  I had for the past few years neglected trying different NOS tubes in V2 positions because I thought the impact would be minimal.  WRONG.  Replacing Sovteks with Telefunkens in V2 has opened up the sound tremendously.  Its like night and day.  V1 AND V2 are both important and provide a great way to tailor and balance the sound between warm rounded and 3 dimensional and highly clean and detailed.  Kudos to Brent Jessee for providing the teles which are spectacular - I highly recommend that source.


Thanks for sharing. When I had an Aesthetix Rhea and Calypso I ran all NOS RCA clear tops.

The Aesthetix brand produces some great sound.

Thanks for sharing your experience. We need to be reminded from time to time that the best way to find what works best for us is to try different things. Too bad NOS tubes and audio gear aren’t cheaper and easier to get our hands on. 😊