AGD Audio Mk2 review


This is my review of my AGD Audion Mk2 monoblock power amps. These are Class D amps with Gallium Nitride power MOSFETs.

As those who follow me know, I am a Single Ended Triode tube amp guy since I like high efficiency single driver speakers. I've tried to like solid state power amps and have bought and tried the First Watt F2J and SIT-2 power amps but ultimately selling them as I find that they fall short of my 300B SET amps.

I first tried the AGD Audions when they came out in the Mk1 version. I was very happy. It had great dynamics, better bass extension, smooth, organic and natural sound comparable with my best 300B (and I use late 1930s to 1950s WE 300Bs). Finally I found a solid state amp that I can live with.

Then this year, the new KT88mk2 GanT Tube modules became available from AGD. These boosted the sampling frequency from 400khz to 800khz. Power remains the same at 170w/4ohm or 85w/8ohm. The improvement was quite a bit better in my system. Better separation and soundstage. More air and organic nature to the sound. So much so that these AGD Audions Mk2 are now the primary amps in my systems. I still play with my 300B amps but I  am spending more time with the Audions in my system.

Highly recommended and just wanted to share with others my excitement about these Class D GAN amps. No connection whatsoever with AGD other than a happy customer. They are, in my opinion, game changers.

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I have heard the Duvel speakers. So yeah, we have similar taste in sound. Nice that you have the EC300B. You should get yourself some 1950 WE300B. As gor the new stuff, they are not quite there. Check out the PSVanne ACME. These are close yo the 1980's WE300B.

Anything after 1988 are new WE300B and not from the otiginal factory.

@ddriveman I have the Persona 3f's. I do like them a lot, BUT....lately I have the bug to try another speaker.


I have AGD Audions that I use with Joseph Audio Perspectives.  Full disclosure I tried feeding directly from my DAC (Bricasti M30) but did not like as much as having my Rogue RP7 in the chain.  The tube preamp added a little "fullness" to sound.


Hi testrun64,


Do you have the Mk2 version? If not, I highly recommend upgrading which is easy. Just get the new KT88 GanTube form AGD and replace by yourself.

I also like to drive my amps with a preamp because I have a lot of sources, DAC and Phono Preamps.

I have never tried driving the Audions directly from the DAC, The Audions are very transparent so you will surely hear differences between preamps, DAC outputs etc.