AKG P8e cartridge coils are known to go bad ?

It seems that the cartridge coils of the p6, p7, p8 open up over time, and it's not a matter of wire connections to the pins. This makes for an impossible fix.

The specs on these models all look the same electrically, so they should be interchangeable - does anyone know for sure? I'm looking for a good cartridge body to use with my p8es stylus.
Hi Storyboy, To my knowledge the problem is the suspension
mainly because AKG invented and used some special kind of suspension. If we need to add 'coil problems' then Raul
should be warned regarding his recommendations of this cart.

Dear Storyboy: That is not my experience with AKG cartridges ( including that model that I own. ), what I found out is that sometimes the cartridge suspension goes " out of work "/specs.

Right now there is no one on ebay but it is there where ( over time ) you can find out that body cartridge/cartridge you are asking for.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Your responses are appreciated, but I specifically stated coil failure i.e. 'open coils', where a break in the wire occurs or the soldering of the wire to the rear pin depletes. Googling turned up more than a few complaints to this with AKG cartridges.
Dear Storyboy: I Own six AKG cartridges and never had that kind of problems you name it but as you posted other people already experienced, not me.

regards and enjoy the music,
Storyboy, I conclude there is "something" that goes bad with the AKG cartridges that must be uniquely related to their design, in agreement with Nandric, because there are a lot of AKGs for sale on ebay with "one bad channel" and "for parts only". And this is evidently NOT a problem with stylus wearing out. I think it is a fragility in the coil construction, but I really don't know for sure. However, I consider this to be in no way a reason not to buy a working one. I own two, in fact. Lets keep in mind that the vintage AKGs are upwards of 20 years old, by and large.
Dear Storyboy, As I mentioned, the problem is usually in the body, which is why I conclude it may have something to do with fragile coil wiring. However, if you are interested in something lesser than the P8 body, I may be able to help. I've got a passel of AKG bodies here, because I bought a group from a single buyer with some bad bodies and some broken or missing styli, during a desperate moment when I wanted a P8E or ES stylus. I could send what I have and you could pick out what you works, but as noted, I have no P8 body to spare.
Storyboy, According to some German info on the net the AKG used a small steel plate for the centering of the cantilever(one point suspension) with rubber 'rings' on both sides.The problem seems to be the deterioration of the rubber. AKG destroyed all thy stock in 1990. Probable because of the fear for the (legal) liability. That is why there are no spare parts.

Regards, Storyboy: Materials included with a spare AKG 8XS stylus state all styli are interchangable within the group: "interchangability of AKG stylus asssemblies by the user present numerous advantages --- however it should be pointed out that our stated performance specifications can only be guaranteed when the combinations are used as originally supplied".

A moving iron design, another common cause of failure is the loss of magnetic charge of the coils.