Albany NY "Capital District"

The Catskill & Adirondack Audio Society has been around since 1989. It's been hibernating for a bit now, but if there is new response from this post, I'll see what we can do to ratchet up the meeting schedule! your emails in response are welcomed...
I expect to shortly tack on some club pages to my website under the Archives/Images section:
I live in southern NY and have business in Glens Falls and am interested in participating if my schedule permits.

Bill E.
Well, the first non-meeting of the non-club is happening today at my house with Don & Tim and me. Next time, we'll post and try to expand the party.

Bill E.
Cortlandt Manor, NY
Yes everyone it was a blast!! We have got to get into doing this more often. And Bill the Armagnac was outstanding! Cheers~Tim
Well, I'm sorry I missed the non-meeting guys, maybe next time. I might be willing to have a little get together here in Kingston if anyone were interested.

Hi Mike,

It's happened again. No notice, no meeting, just dinner and music. Okay. Really I was at Don's with JTinn and Tireguy had dinner with us after work. Great sound and great system. Plaster walls rule!

We really need to organize this.

Bill E.

Posts up here don't do much, since I check this thing about
once every 4-6 months... I gave up chasing people around to
make something happen several years back. So if you want
something to happen, help make it happen, and send some
emails this way!!

I'm planning a meeting here in August.

Probably SUNDAY the 24th, although the week earlier is possible too. I am located a few short minutes off Thruway exit 21B (just south of Albany and the Bershire spur).

If you think you *will be attending* or *not* PLEASE EMAIL ME asap.

Depending upon the replies received, I will adjust or alter the plan...

you can always email me from



PS. I know this is short notice, but I feel that it is essential to seize the window of opportunity that exists at this time...
Ok things have slowed down here a bit, but I have an idea! I have been following the western NY audiophile thread and they have a good idea. I propose those who are interested get together and just have dinner some place in the capital district, we can talk audio equipment, music and just get to know one another and possibly make further plans for other meetings. I went to audio oasis last weekend and they were less then accomodating towards my proposal so I would prefer not helping them out when things start to pick up some steam- in fact they were very rude about it. They told me that Bear was there trying to do the same thing, and I was unaware of that- but any way.... A lot of us have spoke of line and made some plans and for one reason or another have not worked out- so what do you say to a meeting at a universal location to all of us? I will get a hold of you soon Bear and talk about this further since you seem very serious about making it happen as well. If your interested post here with any input you may have or email Bear or I directly. As I gather more information I will post it here so we have a point of reference. Thanks- Tim
Hi, Tim. Happy New Year. I am certainly interested. Keep me posted. BTW, I lost your phone number. Email me when you get a chance.

Hello Vaporvr6, you are the only current poster! I live in Hoosick Falls, 20 mi east of Troy on the VT line(Bennington). Lets at least talk. I also just started a thread looking in the tristate area(Hoosick Falls NY, Bennington VT, Williiamstown MA, etc), to see if anyone up this way is interested in chating or ? I'll let you know if anything develops. Thanks for your time, Alan
I'm still alive... if any one cares ;) Hey Bear, if your still reading this I know you sent me an email a number of months ago, but I had a nasty virus and a lot of my outgoing mail never was sent I come to find out. Looks like we have a decent number of eastern-upstate NY audiophiles now. Those who are still interested in doing something try to post something here stating so by next week if at all possible.
I am still interested. Alive and kicking but busy at times.

Great to see you are still around Tireguy. I thought your other interests were keeping you occupied.

I live in Niskayuna.


I'll bite one more time.

I'm inviting all of you to my home for the first meeting for March 3rd at 11am in Cortlandt Manor, NY.

Is anyone prepared to attend?
It's confirmed!

I looked at the calendar then wrote the 3rd.

No, the offer is for the 4th of March at 11am if that works for you.
Its on my calander, though I am unsure if I'll be able to make it by 11 - I'll call you closer to the day(or maybe even before then) and work out the details. I'll also give Don plenty of warning so he'll have no excuses.
Two?!?! who else have to conned into this, Steve?

Anyone else interested, don't be bashful.

Please EMAIL ME, if anyone wants to make something happen??
bear at bearlabs dot com <---

What more can I say??


Organizing anything via this post on Audiogon isn't terribly effective, eh?
Bear, in two weeks we are having a meet at Lakefrontroads place, it is happening.
If you want to play a piece of gear side by side with mine or another, bring it along if you want.
Warning to those coming to Saturday's listening session, I have to leave at 3pm for the airport. So, we have to be complete by then.
Bill, thanks for hosting such a great event, it was a lot of fun - hope you had a great flight. Good music, people, system and food what more can anyone ask for. Jacko, it was great to meet Glen and yourself. Rudy, after several years it was great to finally put a face with the voice/text :) I will have a link to the picture shortly.
Thanks all for the fun afternoon. I really enjoyed listening to other's music and learning about you. And for those I know, it was great to see you.
Here is the picture, if your a myspace user you can also add yourself to the myspace audiogon group which is found there.
It was certainly a fun time!!!!!! On audiocircles there is a dealer who specializes in tube electronics and high efficiency speakers in Binghamton who would like to host a get together in May with NY Audio Rave and is inviting others.

Anybody interested?
ANNOUNCE: Meeting here.

Ok, I'm making a preliminary announcement of a "meeting" here at my place. It will have to be *after* April 15 for two reasons: tax madness and I am helping a family member move, which is an impossibly long and drawn out process (anyone got a big van or truck??)... I'm thinking that SUNDAY afternoon/evening is likely to be best (used to be a time people could handle). So, that's April 23, 30, or May 7th or 14.

Please EMAIL ME, no matter what you all discuss here on audiogon, with your preferences?

I'm prepared to spend the whole day doing audio and nothing but audio. You can bring stuff, CDs, gear, cables, whatever... or nothing. We can all throw in and get some good Chinese take out for snack or dinner, if y'all want.

I'll have a bi-amped horn system up (you can drive the top end with small tubes no problem) and an ESL - so any amp can be run no matter what the power level. We can sub in speakers if anyone wants to lug such things...

Lemmee know...

Hi Everyone,
Because of the VTV show in NJ, I will have to limit my get together to Sunday May 7th. FOr those interested, I have the large 98dB Usher D2 horn speakers on display as well as many other higher-E speakers. The Daedalus DA-1 are still here at 96dB with some other fun stuff.

You can check these pieces out at

If I can get enough interest, we will set the date (and I will clean the place up).

Interested parties can email me at
OK DUDEZ!! Mini meeting open to interested folks...

At my place June 30th. That's a Saturday.


What we'll be doing - Listening on wide range horns w/15"midbass and Quadripole subs, and likely also Altec A-7X modified and rebuilt by moi, w/803 horns, leaving for a new home shortly... talking about circuits, equipment and stuff... doing some electronics things in the lab (maybe).

Al Rauchwerger of Virtual Image will be here with some of his goodies.

You may bring CDs, and ANY GEAR you'd like to hear inserted into the system!

The place here is in flux and half-life decay, but we'll still have a good time even if no one who reads this shows up... but I figured I'd make a good faith post here...

Remember: email me: bear at bearlabs dot com

Hey Bear, Count me in! I'll bring some equipment goodies and surprises. Thanks for the invite. Waveman
Had a great get together!

Waveman, myself, Al, Pablo & Rick (their real names) were there.

Extensive cable swapping, interconnect and AC, two transports, Waveman brought an over-the-top build preamp, Rick brought a tapped xfmr passive preamp and a DAC... auditioned and listened for hours... magnificent!