'Table techs near Springfiled MA,Albany NY?

Looking for a decent table tech who won't take to cleaner near Sping filed Mass,Albany NY,Harford CT. etc.Live in Western Mass and want to have Grace taken off my Linn and put on Thorens TD160 and maybe solder on new wirring,check it's motor,give a tune up.Guess I would trave to Boston or NYC (I amn an hor and half from Sringfield and Albany) it I decide to up date my Linn since I be putting down consderable bucks for parts.Preffer to drive deck to a place but might shipp if I get right person to do work.Guess I'd just looik for Linn tech near Boston.Think there is competent place in Framingham Mass.
Chazzbo, The oldest linn dealer in the country is EarsNova in NYC. Josh generally answers the phone and is very knowledgeable and has an excellent tech. You might give him a call. Audio Connections in New Jersey also has a good LP 12 tech.Another possibility , and one you have probably tried, is to go to the Linn website and check out the dealers. Also, Spirit Sound (sp) is in the area and may be of some help. They are good folks as well, I don't think they are Linn dealer though. The cost of labour has risen dramatically good luck and Happy New Year.
You might want to try Accent on Music in Mt. Kisco, NY. When I had my Linn, the folks there were very helpful in providing miscellaneous parts and the such. While I never had the table set up by them, they did offer to perform a tune-up and to install the Lingo when I purchased it from them - however I did the work myself, as I didn't want to drive the table down to them (I'm in Albany NY, BTW). You may want to give them a call, and I think they are a bit closer to you than the city. Have a pleasant New Year.

Spearit Sound is located in Northhampton (and also in Boston).

Natural Sound is in Framingham.
Stereo Shop in Hartford CT has a tech that is very knowledgable about older gear and they did TT set-ups for years. They can be pricey, tho, so check for cost estimate in advance if you can. If you come to Htfd, drop me a line off-thread, I live 5 min from their shop.
Amherst Audio, Amherst,MA
(413)549-6171 I've never
been there but a few people
here recommend them.
That terrific gang.I'll try to let folks know my experience when I swap arms (might toss the Grace and go Rega for the Thorens) and put some decent wires on it.
Thanks again.