Albertporter only needs 50

Hey Audiogoners,

Albertporter has made a great offer to coordinate the bulk purchase of cryoed Hubbel outlets. My feeling if it's good enough for Albert's system, it's good enough for mine. But we need more people to participate to make it worth while. Check this post out:

If you don't have time to check out the entire post here is Albert's offer:

"If a group of you want to go together, buy a box or case of outlets, I can get a quantity discount for us for the full cryo treatment. There will be no special packaging or wrappers, but you will have ultimate performance for a fraction of the cost.(This is exactly what I did)."

I spoke with Albert earlier today and he is willing to arrange for the purchase of the outlets in Dallas, have them treated and then probably ship them out Fedex ground. Albert would be doing us all a favor and his only interest is in helping the audio community. Let him know how many you are interested in. I'm in for six (6).
Hi Albert,
I would like to purchase two. Please advise how much I owe and how can I pay you?
Hi Albert,

If it's not too late, I'd be interested in three of those. Let me know how to proceed for payment. Thanks,

I'd also like to get two outlets, if still available. Let me know how to do it and where to mail the check. Thanks.
I will email both Eric (Mephisto) and Tomryan with information and let them decide if there is time.

Please understand that the cut off date was announced here at Audiogon as Halloween. This is to be fair to all those who have paid their money and are now waiting for me to proceed.

Any payments not received by the cut off date go into a second run (if enough people are interested) or payments returned.

I hope everyone understands.