Albertporter only needs 50

Hey Audiogoners,

Albertporter has made a great offer to coordinate the bulk purchase of cryoed Hubbel outlets. My feeling if it's good enough for Albert's system, it's good enough for mine. But we need more people to participate to make it worth while. Check this post out:

If you don't have time to check out the entire post here is Albert's offer:

"If a group of you want to go together, buy a box or case of outlets, I can get a quantity discount for us for the full cryo treatment. There will be no special packaging or wrappers, but you will have ultimate performance for a fraction of the cost.(This is exactly what I did)."

I spoke with Albert earlier today and he is willing to arrange for the purchase of the outlets in Dallas, have them treated and then probably ship them out Fedex ground. Albert would be doing us all a favor and his only interest is in helping the audio community. Let him know how many you are interested in. I'm in for six (6).
First--I'm interested. But there's no mention of actual price. I know that Albert will get the best deal possible, and it's great that he is doing this. I'm sure there's no final price, because he doesn't have one yet, but before some of us commit it would be good to know an approximate price, or at least a ceiling price that we know it won't go over.
Count me in for 2 as well. All we need is to know how much to send to Albert, or is someone else collecting?
Sign me up for a couple -- pending the price. I look forward to comparing them to the Purist Audio Designs with cryo treatment I bought for about $32. Thanks.
How many hours and at what temperature will they be treated for? This is very important to know!
Count me in for six (6) as well. Thanks and where to send the payment ? How much ?
I can get the treatment for the low $20.00 range, depending on how many of you participate.

The Hubbell I bought last time were hospital grade in Ivory color, green dot face (indicating special ground) in all copper construction with (Nylon?) face.

I paid $15.98 for mine, and unless quantity lowers price, or there has been an increase, the total for outlet and treatment should be about $36.00 including shipping for treatment and back.

Shipping expense to each member depends on weight, method of shipment and insurance. As a reference, my postal scale read four ounces for a single outlet.

As to treatment, this is deep immersion cryo at NASA, not a gas treatment. This is the same treatment applied to several products you guys are already impressed with.
Any of you that have a preference for other brands can forward your outlets to me and have them included in the group. I offered the Hubbells because they are in my system with this same treatment and I love the sound.

As often stated here at Audiogon, your mileage may vary or your opinion may be different.

If so, pack up your Arrow, Leviton or whatever your favorite is and send it along to be included.
It may be a LOT easier to squeeze some crushed dry ice into the contact areas of a P&S or Hubbell to get the same results efficiently. Or liquid nytrogen if you've a friend shoo's a dermotologist and owes you a favor!

If you're willing to take on such an endeavor, I could use 4 duplex (2 plugs per) receptacles (and a bigger feed from the road - 60 amps... oh, the humanity!)

Just a reality check for all of us dreaming cryo'ed AC dreams - this will take time, and will be a humongous effort. I remember organizing a group gift of a DVD player for a friend as a wedding gift. That was difficult enough. With all of the shipping addresses etc, this will be an involved effot, to say the least.

Thanks - if this comes to fruition, you've done a great service to all. If not, your thoughts and intentions are heroic.
Thanks Albert for taking the time to coordinate this purchase! I'm in for 6 cryo-treated Hubbells.
I would be eager to take you up on your most generous offer. Two Hubbell duplexes would be great. Will the money be sent to you, Albert, or is someone else doing the bookkeeping?

Everyone who has responded with a quantity on this post or by email, totals 40.

I think this is going to work. I will contact the supply house tomorrow and verify stock.

Any other interested members, please verify how many you need via email, and don't forget an address that is good for FedEx ground, which I will probably use.
Gimme 2! Thanks Albert.
I am trying very hard not to insert some bad pun unto this post.
Albert, I thought you were a Wattagate fan? What applications are you using the Hubbels for? What are you using the Wattagate's for?

In any event, put me in for one, thanks!

I would like to purchase 4. Thanks for doing this. Let me know about payment arrangements.

You're a very generous man. Put me down for a total of three. Grandpoobah, thanks for the post.



I Would like to order two Hubble duplexes please. do i send the money to you?


Albertporter, you may have stumbled onto a way we can all get audio gear new for near dealer cost. If we could form some sort of Audiophile Consumer's Group we may be able to levelrage really good prices on new gear.

Just a thought.

put me down for 6 duplex outlets...these are 30amp I assume?

Thank you very much, this is a lot of work for you...very generous.

Albert,I'm down for 3 as per my PM--private message--A Power Buy from an individual ?? We love you Albert!!I would guess by the time this is over you'll need 2 bottles of asprin--huh?

what a guy.

If there's any left (not sure if fifty was the minimum or the max) count me in for 2.

I nominate Albert Porter for president of SAAG.
(Seriously Addicted Audiophiles Guild)

I got a lot of confirming emails today with agreements to send payment to make this purchase.

Those who have not yet responded by email, please do. My response is the same to everyone and you get my address and a copy of the ship rates.

Orders need to be based on prepayment. That way additions (or deletions) will match only what people need and have paid for.

The next issue is when to set as a cut off date.

Set too far in the future, early respondents will wait longer for product. Set too short, mailed payments may not have arrived in time, stranding some Audiogoners who expect to be included.

We need an open vote and agree openly and to all, as to a fair date that payment must be received by me.

Then the project will proceed on a schedule known to everyone !
Since you called for a vote, I would vote for November 15. That gives everyone a little over a month to get their payment to you and to work out logistics.

In response to your last post I would feel very comfortable with you setting the cut off date. You will best be able to judge when interest in slowing and it's time to place the order. I know for me, if you said one week or one month, it's OK. You're doing a great service for all of us and I would be surprised if anyone would question your judgement.

So Audiogoner's, do I hear any seconds on letting Albert set the time frame for this project?
I would think that two weeks would be good. This would allow people another paycheck to come up with the cash and a week for transit in the mail.

I would only suggest to Albert that he come up with some type of a plan on how to ship to the end user. Since i have gone through something similar before, my suggestion is to use USPS Priority Mail. Not only will they provide you with all of the boxes that you need for free, the cost of shipping is reasonable and they will deliver to P.O. Boxes whereas UPS, Fed Ex, etc... won't. Transit time using Priority Mail is typically three days depending on how far it has to go. Obviously, there are exceptions to any example, but this has been my experience for most instances.

Besides all of this, Albert needs to think about covering shipping costs to the individuals that have ordered them. His price above covers purchase of the outlets and shipping to and from the Cryo facility. This means that there is an additional fee to send them out to the individual. Since each individual lives in a different place and may have different weigths ( more or fewer outlets ), it will be hard for him to come up with a way to estimate cost on an individual basis. As such, i would recommend a flat rate for each individual outlet.

Since Priority Mail is a flat rate up to 2 lbs, i would think that this would cover at least a couple of outlets. If one were to tack insurance on top of this, it would be more AND this would give Albert a way to verify that the package was delivered. After all, insured packages must be signed for so nobody could try to pull a fast one and say that they never got theirs and get a few "freebies" on top of the ones that they paid for. While i'm hoping that nobody here would do such a thing, i know that Albert is honourable enough to try and make things "right" even if they were already "right" to begin with.

On top of this, i would recommend sending Albert a "love offering". While it is very "nice" of him to go out of his way to do this, this type of project eats up WAY more time that one thinks it does. You have to sort out the individual orders, pack them up individually , address each box individually, fill out the insurance forms individually, etc... Then you have to tote everything up to the post office, etc... As i said, it eats up a LOT of time since you have dozens of individual orders to take care of. Sean
I second the 2 week cut off date. That should be enough time for any interested party to get the money order to Albert and not let his kind offer drag on too long.
Thanks Sean and others who have suggested cut off dates. Two to four weeks came to my mind too.

On shipping, my FedEx rate charts were my start point. FedEx labels can be generated on line and printed from my computer. Tracking numbers would allow us to track orders, and insurance is reasonable when compared to USPS.

Maybe Halloween should be the cut off. It's beyond the two week mark and a date everyone remembers.

If everyone showing interest has responded before then, perhaps I should announce here at this post and move on with the project. I would like to turn it in a reasonable time so it remains fun and hassle free.
My $$ is already in the mail. Just wanted to also thank Grandpoobah for initiating the Post. Lots of luck to you Albert on completing this project. You guys are Great!
What ever works best for Albert is my vote. He is the one doing us the favor. If you need a hand with the packing/mailing leg work let me know, we seem to live in the same town. I hope you know what you have gotten your self into..:)

I can't wait to sell NASA approved super duper anti gravity dohickies on ebay. I'm only kidding...

Thanks again
Albert, I'll take 2 as well. A very kind gesture indeed!

I'll be interested to see how the "AP-50" units compare to my non-cryoed Wattgate 381...

I agree with Sean in that you should set a flat price per outlet that would realistically cover all of your mailing and insurance costs, promote efficient bookkeeping, and avoid the hassle of slicing up pennies for shipping differences.
Jeez: Glad to see it's just outlets.

When I first looked @ the title of this thread I thought that Albert was shilling Girl Scout cookies again.
Hey guys, remember this: If you don't burn in your cryoed outlets for 96 hours on a good cable cooker or something similar, they will sound VARY HARSH for about 30 days. If you do use some type of cable cooker it will still take several days of use for the outlet to settle in!