Dad needs phono stage recommendation for daughter

So, my daughter wants a turntable and that made my day. We are looking at entry level tables such as the new Uturn Audio tables, and the Pioneer PLX 1000 being the upper $ limit as she is saving up for this herself. We're looking for a separate MM phono stage that will better the stages that can be found built into some tables. The phono stage will be used with her Peachtree iDecco amp. Of course, a plus would be MM/MC, but our budget is under $500. I am completely unfamiliar with phono stages in this market, so any recommendations?


A couple from the listings:

Nice looking unit with a great review in Dagogo.

Graham Slee a great name in budget phono stages.

Both are under your budget and do MM and MC and are certainly an upgrade from the integrated Uturn phono stage.
You have many choices within your budget. Make sure that the one you choose will have enough gain for the cartridge that you are using! Here you go !
Can not go wrong with ...

Parasound Zphono @ $200

Well reviewed.  Performs great.   Parasound also makes a usb version for $50 more.  

Also props to you for setting your daughter up with such a nice system! We need all the young audiophiles we can get.
Jond, those are a couple of great recommendations, but I think we'll be looking at new, because my daughter will need a little time to save up for the phono of choice.  By then, the listings may be gone, so a question of timing.

Yogiboy, I'm somewhat familiar with what's available, but don't have any idea how their sound compares. It would be difficult to compare these in the real world. So, looking for best recommendations  amongst the group of contenders.

Rar1, This is the advice that I'm looking for and will look into the Parasound, so thanks.
+1 on Schiit Mani. Get a Swagman linear power supply for $125 to replace the wall wart and she'll be all set.  
You might want to look at this, iFi - Micro iPhono 2 MM/MC Phono Preamp-

This has gotten consistently good reviews and is within your budget.
Another vote for the Schiit Mani. Very nice choice in the U-turn turntable. I was thinking about getting one for my daughter awhile back.
Thank you all for the Schitt Mani recommendation. Joey, I'll also check out the iFi Micro. Czarivey, my daughter already has her amplifier, but thanks. Now, I have a few contenders to compare and check out.
Thanks again,
Does anyone know about the Music Hall PA2.2? It seems fairly new and at my daughter's upper price range, but it offers an a/d converter (24bit/96kHZ) plus a headphone amp. She has thousands of songs on her laptop and listens to music in her car. In the past, she has asked me for CDs of my music, but that's vinyl. I was thinking that with her own TT, she could also rip vinyl on her own with this unit. The PA2.2 also looks well made.