AliExpress & Linlai Tubes- Anyone have experience?

I was thinking about buying some Linlai tubes from AliExpress, but on Linlai's website it states AliExpress is not an authorized vendor. Would that mean the tubes are counterfeit, or just obtained without permission?

They look authentic, but we all know how that can be deceiving.


Purchasing Linlai from Chinese sellers has not been good experience for me, two failures of 101D tubes. You should realize Chinese sellers getting tubes from Chinese stocks with much more variable quality. North American sellers who purchase in relatively large quantities demand better quality, they can't accept high failure rates and maintain their reputation and position in marketplace. To me its worth paying the premium for NA stock. Replacement for failed tubes is another issue, think about shipping and handling time frames.

I recently purchased a pair of Linlai Elite E-6SN7 from an eBay seller from China with a 100% positive feedback.  I paid via PP so at least I had some protection if something went south.  They were delivered to my door in 18 days from date of purchase. 

   They sound fantastic,and are dead quiet. Of course,YMMV.  

I also purchased from AliExpress Linlai Elite E-6SN7 tube, then later went to Linlai website and same tube but different glass print layout and plates look black opposed to a greyer look from from vendor where I purchased


Also price from Linlai was well north compared to AliExpress


Kinda begs the question

From Linlai website, Buyer Beware:

This is particularly interesting...

Chinese domestic tube market, unfortunately, is very much unregulated with insufficient trademark protection, a very chaotic supply chain dotted by ‘underground or backdoor deals’, sometimes even mixed with counterfeits and bad qualities. We do NOT know all. Our business is to supply quality tubes through our own operation and reseller network.


Each authentic Linlai tube has a serial number.